Day 1: Beach ride weekend in Spain

Arrival at Girona airport in the afternoon and transfer (approx. 30 min. from Girona) to the pretty country hotel near to the beach, which dates back to the 16th century and is built of natural stone. The rooms are tastefully furnished. The unique light transforms the surroundings into a picturesque painting. We have the opportunity to have a swim in the pool. What a wonderful place to start your beach ride weekend.

Day 2: Trail to the sea

At a steady pace, we ride through the amazing countryside of the Costa Brava towards the sea. Deep forests not only cover the mountains but reach further beyond the borders, meeting the meadows of the valley and flowing towards the Bay of Roses. On horseback, we discover the lovely medieval villages with their Iberic castles and romantic churches. We admire the beautiful architecture and are followed by the echo of our horse's hooves on the narrow streets. We spot window shutters decorated with flowers and huge, noble wooden doors with strong iron handles. We have a picnic and a siesta and then continue to ride towards the beach! After a long and exciting day, we reach the sea. We stay overnight in a cosy country hotel with a pool near the sea.

Day 3: Beach ride & beautiful Catalonia (*)

With the first rays of sunlight we start early. We arrive at the sea with our horses and a dream comes true - in front of us we have a long sandy beach. With the sunrise, we canter through the break point, our horses playing with the waves - they love the refreshing water. Afterwards, we ride on the banks of the River Fluvia into the hinterland where we have a picnic as well as a siesta. With renewed strength and well-rested, we ride though a softly curved hillside landscape back to our horse farm Mas Alba. We have the opportunity to swim in the pool or relax in the garden before our hosts treat us to a delicious dinner.

Day 4: Hasta la vista!

Transfer to Barcelona or Girona or extension to another trail.

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