Horse riding on the beach and by the sea

Ride & Beach

Horse riding on the beach and by the sea

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Short Trail Description

Horse riding, beach and sea! Pure nature awaits you on this diverse trail to historical villages, through pine forests and over peaceful coastal mountains to the beaches of Spain's Costa Brava. Look forward to two days of riding on the beach and swimming in the sea! Enjoy the sight of romantic stone built houses in villages dating back to the Middle-Ages. Spend relaxing evenings in outstanding accommodation: comfortable houses built of sandstone, family-run farms and hotels that offer you exactly what you need after an adventurous day.


  • 6 Days / 5 Nights / 4 Riding Days


  • 5 - 12 Riders


  • Coast
  • Mediterranean Coastal Area

Highlights & Facts

  • Beach gallop at the crack of dawn
  • Ride through villages built of sandstone
  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Accommodation in historical buildings

Riding Level

  • 3 horseshoes or more (Intermediate)


Note: Arriving on Monday and leaving on Saturday gives you the opportunity to book cheap flights!

Trail Route

Day 1: Spain – “Naturally” Mas Alba

Arrival in Spain (Barcelona or Girona) and short transfer (30 minutes from Girona) to our horse farm Mas Alba, a typical Catalan natural stone house dating back to the 16th century. Since then, this wonderful farm has been run by the same family.

Day 2: Horse riding and nature – Costa Brava

Today we discover a fantastic farming area. Fields, woods, meadows and centuries-old natural stone villages nestle gently in the hilly landscape. How could there be any better way than discovering these villages with their narrow alleys on horseback? Archways, windows decorated with flowers, and wooden doors with heavy iron mountings take us back to medieval times. In the evening, we reach an ancient mill with a magical garden situated right on the River Fluvia.

Day 3: Trail to the Mediterranean Sea

Adventurously, we follow the River Fluvia. We cross the river and ride through a wild river landscape. On a small lake, a friendly Catalan named Dani welcomes us with a glass of cava, the Catalan champagne, and a mid-day table prepared with love. After lunch, we ride to the river estuary where we have a spectacular view of the Gulf of Roses. We are at the Mediterranean Sea in Spain!

A palm grove leads us to the cosy country house "Mas Joncar". With a drink on the terrace we let the day end. If you want to, you can have a refreshing bath in the "natural stone pool" before dinner.

Day 4: Horse riding on the beach - Vamos a la playa

Kilometres of sandy beach lie ahead of us. At the latest by the first gallop, all horses and riders are awake. Water splashes and sand flies as we canter into the sunrise. The horses play with the waves, and we try to stay dry. After a short break, we cheerfully master the steep ascent to the rugged mountain massif Montgri. On top of the cliff, we are rewarded with a fantastic view of the endless sea. Seabirds glide over the coast in the wind. Enjoying the scent of lavender, rosemary, and thyme we strengthen ourselves with a delicious saddle bag picnic. Later, we immerse ourselves into the silence of the continental sand dunes and reach the bay of Pals, where the River Ter flows into the sea. This is where we stay overnight in a family-run beach hotel. We can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea or in the hotel swimming pool.

Day 5: Horse riding by the sea – “Pearls of the coast”

Majestically, the rock towers of the Medes Islands protrude above the water. In front of this beautiful scenery, we ride on the beach in the morning. Under the umbrella of Mediterranean pine trees we enjoy the shade and reach Pals, the “pearl of the coast”. On the backs of our horses we cross the village and have lunch in a restaurant. After that, the route leads us across rice fields to the mighty natural stone village Peratallada. Old city walls surround the closely nestled houses built of natural sandstone, and the cobbled streets still have the tracks and grooves from the olden days. In the evening, our hosts prepare a barbecue with delicious flesh and vegetables from their own garden. In this medieval atmosphere we let the trip come to a relaxing end.

Day 6: Hasta la vista!

Transfer to Barcelona or Girona or extension to another trail on Mas Alba.

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Information & Services


Well-balanced, calm rides through forests and meadows and along paved paths through stone villages with spectacular river crossings. Canters along a sandy beach and panoramic views along the Wild Coast, that are hard to beat.

The Ride & Beach Trail is ridden at all gaits, so it is recommended that you know how to connect with your four-legged partner. It is also perfect for experienced riders who usually just train in the arena and would be interested to experience trail rides. Our sure-footed horses provide the necessary security in this varied terrain. Every day you will spend 4-6 hours in the saddle.


Rideable Months

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Guest opinions

Ride & Beach

November 2017

I have just returned home, but I am already seized by wanderlust again! I miss he beautiful scenery, the fast canters, the seemingly endless beach, the outstanding food and, of course, “my” horse Brownie! I could not have asked for a better partner for this short trail ride.

Rudi was a great guide – thank you for the numerous nice photos! In a short period of time, I have learnt a lot about trail riding.

The food prepared by Panorama-Trails is great! Luckily, I have brought a bottle of Cava with me to enjoy at home.

I will be back for sure, because I have now been bitten by the trail riding bug!

Hasta luego,