Caballos en venta

Are you looking for an experienced leisure horse or a pure Spanish breed (P.R.E.)? In that case, you are in exactly the right place with us! We can support you to achieve your dream of owning your own horse!

We are trail riders and do not see ourselves as horse dealers. The idea of selling our horses has come completely from our guests. Again, and again, visitors fall in love with our trail horses and want to take the horse home with them. This gave rise to the idea of assisting other riders to find a relaxed and safe leisure horse, perfectly suited to them!

We have known our horses for years, work with them every day, and can assess their behaviour in the best possible way. The most natural way of life in a large herd, a solid education and the extensive experience on many different rides give our horses independence, sure-footedness, and a balanced character. They are familiar with all types of terrain and traffic: including rushing rivers, demanding climbing paths in the mountains, breaking waves on the beach, busy streets, cyclists, or free-running dogs - they stay calm and relaxed at all times!

Our horses are very important to us and will only be sold to those we consider capable and able to provide the ideal conditions for them to thrive!

Three ways to your dream horse:

  • Almost like riding your own horse

    Come and visit us in Spain! We would be delighted to present a selection of suitable horses for you to try out calmly. Would you like to get to know “your” horse even better on a self-guided trail? We prepare you in detail for an independent trail ride. After that you will be on your own with your new horse to try. With our professional equipment and our GPS, you can ride carefreely and concentrate fully on your future “partner.” An adventure for horse and rider - an experience that binds you together!

  • Combine vacation with purchasing a horse

    Fall in love with your dream horse on a guided trail ride! You can experience your future horse in all situations on our versatile trails. This way you can find out if you fit together.

    If you decide to purchase one of our trail horses after a guided or self-guided trail ride, we will deduct part of your stay from the purchase price.

  • Offer on our website

    Take a look at our website and get to know our horses and us. Let us know how you imagine your dream horse to be! We will forward you detailed information, photos, and video material and answer all your questions honestly. After all, we want you to get exactly the type of horse you want and are expecting.

This way, we have already been able to make many new horse owners happy. All of our customers are 100% satisfied with their Panorama-Trail horses. Have a look on their feedbacks here: Former trail horses

We would like to present a selection of our horses currently for sale below. Please transmit us your ideas or give us a call:

Our recommendation: Would you like to go trail riding with your future horse at home? We have exactly the appropriate equipment for this! We would be happy to provide you with a suitable saddle for your horse. Have a look at our Trail Rider Shop.




This large-framed P.R.E. gelding has brilliant movements. Despite his young age, Jaleo is perfectly calm and has a positive approach towards anything new.





This shiny white Hispano Arab is a very experienced trail horse, who is full of energy. For his rider he gives his very best!

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