Andorra Trail - Agosto 2020

For one week I'm back now from the 14-day Andorra-Trail: An unforgettable, great riding tour, which can hardly be topped - and I've already done many beautiful riding tours! The fascinating, unbelievably beautiful mountain scenery, which became more and more impressive from day to day, the siesta and overnight places selected with a lot of feeling for the special, the unbelievably efficient, spirited, sure-footed and motivated, nevertheless calm, super trained and always well manageable horses - I could list still more, what makes this tour so unique. It is surely THE tour for everyone who is looking for the extraordinary, who loves nature, the mountains and a little bit of adventure, who is willing to take the strain, who has endurance and is not only safe on the horse but also good on foot. A big thank you to Rudi, to Anais and Nacho, to Daniela in the background, to all the horses and to all the participants who all contributed to the success of the tour! It will probably not be my last tour with Panorama-Trails!

Barbara S.

Rutas locales - Julio 2020

Awesome riding holidays! Heads Up, trail riders! We experienced awesome, unique riding days at Panorama trails with great canter routes, reliable horses and a dedicated tour guide. Beside the tasty picnics we enjoyed a lovely stay at a beautiful hotel with excellent, typical Catalan food. Fantastic holidays only recommended!!!

Christiane W.

Ruta medio dia - Julio 2020

Fantastic experience! I rode for the first time to make my girlfriend happy, who is very fond of horses and riding. In the beginning I was sceptical, because I have a lot of respect for horses, due to their size. However, this soon turned out to be nonsensical, as one of the guides, Corinna, has a very talented hand for the selection and the harmony between horse and human. My friend and I felt incredibly comfortable with the assigned horses and had a lot of fun. It was incredibly relaxing and a wonderful experience. I personally, as a non proactive "horse person", got through this wonderful experience, a completely different view to these animals. In addition, it was an unforgettable experience, which I would like to repeat very much. Due to the distance between the horses / the riders, it was not necessary to wear a mask in relation to Corona and we could enjoy the experience to the full. The other riders who rode with us, were very friendly, likeable and humorous! I can strongly recommend Panorama-Trails to anyone who wants to feel like a cowboy! Thank you very much for the nice evening!

Ben Conrads

Ruta Mediterranea - Febrero 2020

Don't miss this! For me it was the first trail of several days and I can only say: I enjoyed every minute. Our two guides not only had the right feeling for which horses would suit which riders, they also masterfully organized the catering, led us through beautiful landscapes and also provided good entertainment and a great atmosphere during the breaks. So it became one of those journeys from which strangers become friends. Dear Panorama Trails team, keep up the good work. I am already looking forward to seeing you again.

T.G. Weiser

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