Unguided Panorama Trail - November 2019

After we had received a detailed 3-hour briefing on the first day (including a description of the saddle technique, the special features of the horse´s bridles, special tying techniques, contents of the saddlebags and their function, instruction about the Garmin, emergency response procedure etc), we started our ride. Now Turbo and Loki were travelling alone with us. It was exciting for everyone involved. The horses were easy to ride and were very sure-footed and did not put a foot out of place. Cleaning and saddling was easy all week. We had wonderful weather for the entire trail, not a single rainy day and every day very different and we had incredibly beautiful views of a landscape we had never seen before. The accommodation was typical three stars and each one was very pleasant and comfortable. The food was very tasty. With the help of the Garmin (navigation device) we had no problem to find the paths and accommodation. We had, on most days started by 10am. The day tours were recorded on the GPS. Breaks and special features of the respective days are saved with certain characters. The special tying system for the horses also proved itself useful during our breaks. We had contact by phone with Corinna or Daniela every evening, who were always available for us. The two guided us through the tour in a very professional manner. We were particularly impressed by the very well thought out horse equipment, the light saddles and the many small things that the operators came up with to make us as comfortable as possible during the ride. We enjoyed riding this trail on our own and we will definitely repeat it again in the future!

Thank you for these unforgettable days!

Ursel & Babette

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail - October 2019

Just a quick word of thanks for another world-class riding holiday. We really enjoyed ourselves, but more importantly Panorama’s fine mountain horses, especially Zorro. Please give our best to Nacho for leading our ride and also let Rudy know we missed seeing him!

Take care,

Larry & Brigitte

Catalonia Beach & Coast - Dalí Trail - May 2019

We had a wonderful week with our guide Nacho, it is a lot of fun to ride with him. Everything was perfectly organized, the food as well as the accommodations. I had a great time with my horse Zorro and did not want to part with him anymore :-) I've been here for the second time and will definitely be back :-) I think you're great! Thanks to Daniela, Nacho, Manel and the entire Panorama Trails team.

Sarah G.

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail - April 2019

I had a fantastic time on my excursion. Very well organized...The meals, accommodations, Rudy, Manel, Corinna - with whom we got to ride with on our last day, ??, were super. Even my horse Zorro, who had his moments, was sweet. Not sure when I’ll make it back to that side of the world but if and when I do, I’ll definitely come back for a ride ??


Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail - April 2019

Another great holiday, this time on the Outlaw Trail! After loving the Bandit Trail last October, rode the Outlaw Trail this month with friends and Nacho as our guide again. Great scenery, brilliant fast horses (Zorro) and lovely picnics and food along the way with the help of Met. The Trail involves long days in the saddle, but well worth it. Indeed, this is not a trip for inexperienced riders and for those without horsemanship skills, but this is what sets this holiday apart. Looking to book my next ride with Panorama Trails next year or in winter.

A Guest