Sea and mountains are characteristic of Catalonia. Contrasting landscapes, the Pyrenees in the North and the plains of the Empordà in the South, capture the majestic scenery of this area.

The special scenic contrasts make up the charm of Catalonia, with lush green woods and meadows in the Pyrenees and acacias, chestnuts, and alder trees in the marshlands. Rosemary, thyme and wild lavender flourish on the southern hillsides. Whilst roaming the vast plains, vines, olive and almond trees border the paths. Silvery tranquil cork oak forests shimmer as you get nearer to the coast, which are replaced by bright pine trees when you reach the sea.

Open sandy beaches, picturesque bays and quirky seaports. These areas that used to be highly valued by merchants and pirates, are only a stone’s throw away from the rough and inaccessible chain of rocks called “Serres“, that sheltered forts and monasteries in the past.

The views on horseback are magnificent!