Canyons, Table Mountains & Volcanoes

Bandit Trail

Canyons, Table Mountains & Volcanoes

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Short Trail Description

Pyrenees riding tour: canyons, table mountains and volcanoes

The horse riding adventure "Trail of Bandits" is based on the biography of the famous "bandolero" Joan Sala Serrallonga, the Catalonian Robin Hood. In north-east Spain, the bandit Serrallonga wandered around the mountains of Guilleries and Garrotxa during the 17th century. The vast pathless area of woodland offered good hiding places to outlaws. Canyons, table mountains and volcanoes rise up in this wild landscape. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls provide pleasant refreshment. In the picturesque villages, there are still stories told about the gangs of thieves and the Catalan rebels. Today we find an incredible riding paradise where outlaws once hid. The trail of bandits is an extremely diversified horse riding trek through massive canyons, table mountains and volcanoes.


  • 8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 Riding Days


  • 4 - 12 Riders


  • Pyrenees

Highlights & Facts

  • Trail of the four seasons:
    • Spring: the soft green of the deciduous forests
    • Summer: comfortable climate on the high plateau
    • Autumn: colouring of the leaves - "Indian Summer"
    • Winter: snow rides
  • Accommodation at Jordis cozy horse farm
  • Picnic at the foot of the table mountain
  • Sunrise at the monastery "El Far", at the highest point of the Table Mountain

Riding Level

  • 3 horseshoes or more (Intermediate)


The fresh tender green of the deciduous trees in May and the autumnal colouring of the “Indian summer” in October and November make this extraordinary riding tour magical!

Trail Route

Day 1: Pyrenees riding tour

The transfer brings us into the mountains. Deep in the Spanish Pyrenees, at the foot of the mountain range of Cavallera, there is the small mountain village of St. Joan de Abadeses. This is the starting point of our trail of bandits. During our first meal together, we get to know our guide and chat about the upcoming horse riding trek.

Day 2: High mountains of the Pyrenees

The horses are saddled and we mount our steeds. The trail weaves through a marvellous mountain landscape which appears rugged or soft depending on the season.

The air is pleasantly aromatic and there is peacefulness with only the sounds of nature. High above on a mountain range a small roman church enjoys an incomparably beautiful position and invites us for a picnic. In a little mountain village we stay overnight in a cosy guesthouse, where Joan serves us the 'best' Paella.

Day 3: High plateau

We are riding to the high plateau of Collsacabra, where the merging of the north and south, Mediterranean Sea and high mountains is a very special sight.

Lush meadows and dense beech forests cover the land. Ferns spread over, the jungle sprawls and seems to be impermeable. The temperatures are pleasantly cool, with springs and calm brooks refreshing us on the way.

In the heart of the high plateau there is the remote but very cosy riding farm of Jordi. Here we can only hear the wind in the trees, the singing of the cicadas and the splashing of the brook. In the evening we enjoy a bandit's menu and a glass of wine at an old wooden table, while Joan tells Catalonian stories of desperados.

Day 4: Canyons and table mountains

Brilliantly our agile "Andalusians" climb over an overwhelming landscape. In spring and summer the deep green beech forests blink through grey rock mountains, and on the 'Indian Summer' days of autumn the forests shimmer like gold - the ambience reminds us of Canada.

Vast cattle meadows give us amazing views over valleys and mountains and we stop for a picnic in the 'open air restaurant Panorama-Trails'.

Speedily in trot and canter we approach the abundant table mountains. Here we see canyons and waterfalls and hear the calling of birds of prey that soar above.

Like an eagle's nest the small village of Tavertet is located majestically on the edge of a table mountain, where we have a beautiful view looking down at a canyon lake that shines in a deep green below us.

Day 5: Home of Serrallonga

High on top of the edge of the table mountains we ride to the mountains of Guilleries, home of the bandit Serrallonga, the Catalonian Robin Hood.

The view from the 'roof top of Catalonia' over the green mountains is unique.

The evergreen and moist landscape is in contrast to the red, brown and silver-grey rocks of the table mountains.

In the middle of this fascinating mountain landscape we discover lonely chapels and twisty natural stone villages dating back to Serrallongas’ times.

At a clearing, we rest and feel like 'Outlaws' from long ago, then we continue our trek through a mystical jungle like area with ferns that cover the path.

At the highest point of the table mountain the monastery 'El Far' rises up majestically. It is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Catalonia. We stay here overnight and wake the next morning to the sun rising up over the sea.

Day 6: Garrotxa, land of the volcanoes

We leave the Guilleries and emerge into the land of volcanoes.

The landscape is well cultivated but also has a wildness about it. The extinct volcanoes lie there resting until the end of time.

The last eruption was some thousand years ago and only the black lava and some craters remind us of the explosions. In the mediaeval village Santa Pau we find cosy accommodation.

Day 7: Besalú

We trot and canter along the brook "Ser" and leave the area of Garrotxa. The brook leads into the River Fluvià which points us towards the Costa Brava.

Stone oaks and pines are the dominant trees here and under their pleasant shade we enjoy our bandit's picnic.

After a siesta, we ride at good speed towards the medieval town Besalú. Our accommodation for the last night is a hotel right next to the beautiful romantic bridge with a view over the River Fluvià and the town. Before having dinner in the enchanting garden of the restaurant, we have the possibility to stroll through the alleys of Besalú. During our farewell dinner, we discuss the adventures of our horse riding trek.

Day 8: Adiós y hasta la vista!

After breakfast we say goodbye. Transfer to Girona or Barcelona, or continue to a coast trail.

> Important notice to all customers!

Information & Services


The Trail of Bandits takes you into a fabulous "robber landscape" and will reward you on the "Table Mountains" with overwhelming panoramic views. Due to the balanced riding days and the cosy accommodation, we are pleased to be able to recommend this trail ride to slightly more experienced riders. A few short descents have to be done in walk so you need suitable footwear. Every day you spend 4-6 hours in the saddle. Steep passages can be avoided for any riders with vertigo. On the Trail of Bandits you will encounter both Mediterranean and Atlantic climates so appropriate sun protection and waterproof clothing are therefore needed.

Included services

  • Riding program as described
  • 8 days with 7 nights in a double room with shower and toilet, of which 1-2 nights' accommodation may be with a shared shower and toilet, 6 riding days
  • Arrival day dinner included/departure day breakfast included
  • 6 Riding days half board including wine
  • Tax on stays in tourist establishments
  • Transportation of luggage
  • Local transfers during the trail

Not included services

  • Flight or public transport (on arrival and on departure), taxi
  • Collective airport transfer from/to Girona/Barcelona. Charge when arriving with own car (due to the distance of starting and ending point of the trail)
  • Restaurant & Catering services during the ride: payable locally at the first dinner
  • Entrance fees to Museums and Monuments
  • Drinks/food in bars
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Coffee at dinner
  • Tips for the team and other services
Transfers & Caterings


  • First day: on arrival dinner is at approx. 9 p.m.
  • Last day: before departure breakfast is at approx. 9 a.m.
  • Due to local conditions, a route change or amendment may be necessary.
  • The Bandit Trail can be ridden in both directions.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to substitute the described accommodations by equivalent if necessary.


Single Room / Double Room / "Half Double Room"

Single rooms cannot always be guaranteed though booked. If a previously confirmed single room is not available, the guest is entitled to a refund of the price paid for those nights surcharge.

Single travellers have the option to book a "Half Double Room".

Half double rooms for bookings 60 days prior to departure can only be booked, if at that time a same-gender customer is also waiting for a roommate. If this is not the case, we will book a single room with the regular, advertised surcharge.

  • Single room supplement + 40,- Euro/night


Airport Barcelona
  • Collective group transfer at 5:30 p.m., meeting point at the airport is in Terminal T1 in front of the Café TRAMOYA at the Group Meeting Point North located opposite from the "Oficina de Turisme" (after customs on the right).
  • Please Note! If you arrive at Terminal T2 all five minutes a free shuttle bus brings you to Terminal T1!
  • Please book your flight on the day of departure from 2:30 p.m. onwards!

Airport Girona
  • Collective group transfer at 6:30 p.m. The meeting point at the airport is in front of Café LAVAZZA in the arrivals hall.
  • Please book your flight on the day of departure from 1:00 p.m. onwards!

If the arranged transfer times do not fit with your arrival and departure times, we would be happy to organize a taxi for you (about €80-€120 from Girona, €240-€280 from Barcelona, depending on the trail start/end points). Other arrival and departure destinations provided on request.

Please Note: The transfer times can vary depending on flight arrival times/delays from other guests/traffic etc. Please be patient in these cases!

Transfers & Caterings

Guaranteed departure

With a small group surcharge in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. (only on demand)

Important notice

Important notice to all customers!

All trail itineraries are general guidelines and in order to offer our customers the best riding holiday experience we make occasional changes.

Depending on the number of concurrent trails, the season, the weather and national holidays, we may make alterations to itineraries at short-notice, which could affect the number of riding hours per day, the route we take to any given destination or the use of alternative accommodation. Trails can also be ridden in both directions. All changes are at our discretion but when changes are made, we endeavour to ensure that our high standards of quality are maintained and reflected in the alternatives we choose.

Presentation, organization, photos and information by Rudi Stolz


Rideable Months

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Guest opinions

Bandit Trail

August 2022

It was very nice! Route, accommodations, support and horses can't be topped! 👌
Thank you very much and see you next time. Kind regards,


Bandit Trail

July 2018

I want to thank the whole team for organizing this trail. It was great, one of the best I have done. The scenery is superb, the horses very good and the guide Nacho very professional. Thank you and certainly to next time!

Bernard Moreaux

Bandit Trail

May 2018

This was my 3th ride with Panorama and second with Nacho. Always going alone but never feeling alone. What makes this trail unforgettable is the combination of nature, horses and people and I was very lucky with my group and my guide.

As for the communication before the ride, it was flawless, immediate response from Daniela to all my questions.

We stayed at some magical places and also at some simple ones. Usually it was possible to do some walking around or sitting on the terrace of our accommodation after the ride. Where do I sleep is not so important for me but I think that nobody had any issues. Very friendly staff everywhere we stayed.

As for the food, local food, colourful picnics made by Nacho, surprising lunches made by Dani and Manel, everybody loved the food.

This time I got another challenge from Nacho, the horse he suggested for me had some issues when grooming. I accepted and once the brushing was done he did everything perfectly, picking up foots, not moving when saddling and getting on. I was left with the best horse for riding, experienced, strong, forward going, not getting scared of anything. I got a lot of help from Nacho when grooming and never felt hurried. My horse kicked during first canter and was a bit nasty when the distance was too short but it stopped when I did what Nacho advised me. When we were in rain and my fingers were freezing it was my horse who just carried me to the destiny without much riding from my side :)

The riding is not so long, about 4-6 hours a day, we climbed a lot up and down, we walked leading horses which is nice to stretch legs and give horses some rest, we trotted and cantered, crossed rivers and villages. We had some exciting moments with cows running in front of us and a helicopter landing just few meters from us and then riding above our heads. I still can’t believe that the horses were able to tolerate this. We were all the time escaping from the rain thanks to Nachos previsions and planning and only got wet once but it was also interesting experience. I consider Nacho to be my friend and somebody I respect and I learned a lot from him about horses and about riding and about the country. He explains a lot and prepare us for different situations which may happen and how to act. I think some rules are absolutely necessary and together with good communication in group and passing out the message can help to avoid any problems like sudden stopping when cantering or getting hit by brunches etc. I personally like it that the horses ride in a line. It does not mean we can’t change position, just that we have to be careful when doing it. The line is like Nacho says ¨safety zone¨. About the difficulty I would say this, I am not an experienced rider, still learning, but I like to ride fast and I would hold on. If there is a moment I would like to ask to stop because my stirrups are out or after jump I am sitting on the neck I better bite my tong and get myself back to position, because if I do that of course we would stop but then the opportunity to canter for all group is over, so everybody should consider his skills and see the difficulty of the ride in description.

The country is incredible, much more beautiful than on the photographs, breath-taking views and small stony villages.

Lastly but not less important I want to say I really liked my group. 2 French, 2 Swiss, 2 Slovaks, 2 Germans and one Spanish guide :). I laugh so much during this trip. Everybody listened to Nacho. I felt being taken care of, people were helpful and thinking about the others, communication when riding was perfect.

So, thanks to everybody, it was a pleasure to meet you, see you in the next ride.... maybe :)

Jana H.

Bandit Trail

May 2018

This was our first, but definitely not our last trail with Panorama Trails.

It was a perfect week, wonderful horses (I have fallen in love with Torpedo), beautiful accommodation (with some nights in wonderful, old buildings), everything was very tasteful and cosy. The food was always outstanding, the picnics perfect (Thank you, Dani!!) – just like the breakfasts and dinners in the accommodation. Nacho created the right atmosphere, but he was also a perfect and responsible guide. All in all, perfectly organised – even our “special transfer” from Besalú (the end of the trail), where we had parked our car for a week. And the other riders were awesome – we made a great group!

Sabine H.

Bandit Trail

June 2017

First of all I would like to thank the whole organisation team and specially our most perfect and experienced guide Denise as well as our very helpful trail assistant Manel for getting my first trail with Panorama-Trails unforgettable!

This Trail of Bandits was absolutely extraordinary and exciting.

The most beautyful landscape was sensational as well as diversified and we had endless rides in unspoiled nature. On most parts of the trail we had an amazing view to and from the table mountains.

The accommodations have been perfectly selected by Panorama-Trails and are located in peaceful places like small and quite middle age villages, in the country side and/or on place with extraordinary view on the top and at the edge of the table mountains. Most of the accommodations were simple but cosy, clean and offering delicious traditional Catalan dishes – really nothing to complain about!

The horses all were in very well condition, very safe and well behaved. If you decide to ride a trail you should not forget that the horse you will ride is trained to walk in the line and in the herd. Of course you cannot compare with a horse you always ride alone.

The bridles and saddles were well-kept and in perfect condition. My saddle was extremely good and comfortable almost like a sofa. Up-front I was really afraid about riding many hours a day without having that experience but luckily I had really NO problems at all!

My summary… a fabulous trail, professional and really perfect organised, starting with booking till whole realisation of the trail.

For sure I will ride my next trail with Panorama-Trails again as there are several other trails to discover.

See you soon again!


Bandit Trail

August 2014

The ride met all my expectations and then some. I have been on other great rides but this one was, by far, the best.
I had the best possible time, enjoyable in every way. I would highly recommend this ride. The horses were extremely well looked after during the ride, although they worked hard, their comfort always came first - they were happy and healthy. The routes and back-up was well managed, the other riders were all great. I trail ride a lot with my own horses and this was the best group ride that I have ever been on.
Just want to say thanks to Rudi and José for such a wonderful set of memories!

Victoria from Australia

Bandit Trail

August 2014

If you enjoy history, good food, culture, great scenery with challenging trails, and time to take it all in, you will LOVE this trip! The trip was as described online - it is a challenging ride, but due more to the terrain than the pace. The horses were absolutely wonderful -forward going but very well trained, and great over the rough terrain. Our guide (Nacho) was great - I thought he matched people to horses very well, and he was very knowledgable, friendly, and safety conscious. Special praise to the outfitter! They have developed a fantastic trip and they run it very, very well. I am in the outfitting business myself, and I have rarely seen such a safe, fun, informative, and well run program!

Janella d.G.

Bandit Trail

June 2014

last week i completed my sixth riding holiday .which was the bandit trail led by NACHO who I consider the best trail leader I have had .He was most helpful in helping us to get on being both over sixty.We rode an interesting trail over the escarpements of the southern pyranees through woods and along the cliff edges with wonderful views,staying in small hotels and farm houses enroute.Nacho kept us amused all evening over supper with his wonderful stories of life in spain,One must be fit to lead ones horse down very rocky terrain and gallop along flat sandy roads.when required.In all an excellent holiday where horses welfare and care comes first

a guest

Bandit Trail

September 2013

Thank you Rudi for a fantastic trail in a stunning environment on forwardgoing horses, surefooted and safe in that difficult area. What beautiful surroundings we rode through! We had fantastic long trots and fast gallops, stayed in picturesque rural hotels from where we had great views and where we enjoyed delicious dinners. Everything was very well organized as always at the Panorama trails. This was my 7th trail in Catalunya and the toughest. Compared with the other trails I've done in other countries during the last 16 years I must say that you're simply the best! I hope I'll be able to come back again to hear "Vamos galope"!

Best regards from

Eva, Sweden

Bandit Trail

September 2013

An extremely well planed and organized trail. The scenaries were breath taking. Lodging were excellent. Good and well kept horses. Fast and long galopps and also exciting downhill parts were we had to lead the horses.
The guide Rudi had made a fine job finding the trails.

Ingegerd & Hasse; Hans-Eric Lundgren

Bandit Trail

August 2013

A very nice experience! With a nice guide and great horses. The nature is always changing even on a single day. The guide and assistant where very kind and helping us excellently!


Bandit Trail

August 2013

Fantastic trail, good horses, nice scenery. Good mixture of walking, trot and gallop! Great scenery, horses, guide, assistance and organization "behind the scenes"!

a guest

Bandit Trail

August 2013

I had a very nice and unforgettable time! My horse Masnou is very friendly and also very beautiful! Great changes in scenery and lovely horses!


Bandit Trail

August 2013

If you want to see Spain in a unique way and if you love to ride horses, combine the two and go on a Panorama Trail! What an amazing adventure I have had! In seven days we covered 170 kms and seen sights I never knew existed. I had a great horse who was always willing to do what was asked. El Dorado was like a friend that I shared an amazing journey with. The accommodations were fantastic, often staying in places perched on the edges of sheer drops. The scenery was stunning and so diverse: forests, mountains, pasture, tabletop mountains, the Pyrenees. I loved trying Catalunya food - so delicious and different to what I am used to. Will treasure this memory forever!


Bandit Trail

October 2012

Hello Rudi,
Thanks for a great week on the bandit trail, really enjoyed it and will certainly be back again.
Love to all your crew.


Bandit Trail

October 2012

Thank you for a brilliant week. Nacho was a great guide and good company. The riding was really enjoyable, the horses excellent and the group good fun. I would definitely like to do another trail in the future.

Amanda Hartley

Bandit Trail

August 2012

Just wanted to say that the Bandits trail we made in the first week of august 2012 was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

We couldn't haved wished for a better guide than Albert. Everyone had a horse where he/she was happy with and the wine and the full moon did the rest. Also the care Danny took for us was the best. W'll defenitly be back next year for an other trail. A holiday with 3 gold starts and a ribbon!!

Greatings from

Inge and Harco from Holland

Bandit Trail

November 2011

Best riding holiday ever outside UK! I have had five riding holidays at Panorama Trails. The horses are great, the people are good and caring and the accommodation on the trails I have always found to be very comfortable and welcoming. I am planning to go again!

Tom Jackson

Bandit Trail

November 2009

Hi Rudi,

Thank you so much for making our trip so much fun, we all had a great time.

The horses were in great shape, especially for the end of the season and they were all great rides.

I think you did a good job! Hope you get some rest now. I am still on Spanish time.

Cheers, and we will have to get us all together and plan a ride in the future.



Bandit Trail

November 2009


Just to say a big thank you for the amazing trail last week.

I'm back in England now and it hasn't stopped raining since I landed on Sunday night. I miss Catalan blue skies and siestas in the sunshine. Looks like there is no more sun and no more siestas for me till next year!

I had my bi-weekly riding lesson last night and I was fearless, although my horse kept spooking in the wind (nothing like my trusty steed Ufano). Riding in a flat school covered with soft sand is now a piece of cake!

It is absolutely impressive how you seem so laid back and relaxed, and yet carefully organise every little detail of the trail. It makes all the difference to have great food (you didn't forget the chocolate once!) and comfy accommodation in all those charming places after a full day of riding. Seeing Catalonia from horseback (and being guided by you!) means that you get to see places that you could never discover yourself. To mention just one, Jordi's house is like a museum where every little item has so much character! It was great to stay there and to enjoy his and Isabel's company (and food).

I look forward to seeing your photos as mine don't really reflect the spirit of the trail - they are far too static as I only dare take camera out in walk...

Please pass my thanks to all those who made the trail special - including Christina, Jordi, Elisabeth the lady who made us lunch on Tuesday and, of course, Buffalo!

Best wishes,


Bandit Trail

August 2009

Hi Rudi,

Well you promised me a wonderful time and I certainly had one with you and the great bunch of girls on your fabulous Bandit 's trail.

Of the 35+ trails that I have made on horse-back, this trail is tops for the breath-taking scenery. Riders will surely leave behind the stresses and strains of their everyday lives and become at one with nature as they ride through this truly stunning area, absorbing the sights and sounds around them.

The horses are easy to handle and so sure footed, on the often demanding terrain, that I felt safer on Tronco's back than my own 2 feet.

The endurance-type saddles are really comfortable for both horse and rider, so, as long as riders sit correctly, they should have no aches or pains through-out the day. The mixed woodlands provided a wonderful canopy from the sun, making this trail comfortable even in the heat of the July sun, and the wild flowers were still in bloom----just perfect.

Rudi, you put a lot of effort into creating a fun atmosphere, so that we all really enjoy ourselves, whilst maintaining a responsible attention to both riders' and horses' safety and well-fare. I do n't know how you keep your ''sang- froid'' each week with all the problems we riders present you with, but all is resolved with another cool beer and cava by the end of each day.

I look forward to a 4th ride with Panorama-trails next year with another great group of like minded riders, and thank you and your lovely bunch of friendly ladies----not forgetting our pic-nic maestro, Buffalo------ for such a splendid week.

Best wishes to you and your team, from

Pat Harper

Bandit Trail

July 2009

Rudi and Buffalo

Of all the six trails I have done with Panorama trails this was definitely the most spectacular ride I have done , the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful , the accommodation was perfect and the party at Georgo and Isabelle's was unforgettable Catalonia ! For as long as I live I will never forget Buffaloes picnic on top of the table mountain with its panoramic views and 5 star cuisine ! Even the waterfall swim ( OK OK the water was warm!) was amazing , The horses were fantastic, the company wonderful and the Cava cold. Thank you so much for everything see you next year

Angie ( Ireland)

Bandit Trail

July 2009

Dear Rudi
Thank you for a wonderfull week, with good companionship.
As usually the horses where perfect, but the Bandit trail where marvellous.
This was like seeing the best nature film from the BBC.
And i LOVE Buffalo's 5 star restaurant with his tapas and salads.

I will come back again next year.

Best regards to all of you from Denmark.


Bandit Trail

November 2008

Hi I just wanted to thank Rudi and fellow riders for a great week on the first Bandit trail. It was spectcular, entertaining and very different. Also a special thanks to Rudi for finding me two very good horses that gave me the confidence I needed and Buffalo for the fantastic lunches in the most amazing locations. Now I will have to keep fit as I am determined to do it again, although I cannot promise my mounting ability will improve!

Barbara McCarthy

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