Former 'Panorama Trails' horses

Many visitors who come on our rides find their "dream horse" on the trails. Here are just a few of the lucky owners who have found their ideal partner in our former trail horses:

  • Angela – Codul (France)
  • Anne – Camarón (Germany)
  • Noemi – Cava (Swiss)
  • Susanne – Faro (Germany)
  • Maryline – Morito (Swiss)
  • Katrin – Picolo & Leo (Germany)
  • Ari – Paraíso (ES)
  • Elena – Alfil (ITA)
  • Sue – Lucero (UK)
  • Sara – Llampec (UK)

Castaño, Chupito and Esperanza & Sonja and Ingrun

Castaño and Chupito arrived in Germany together, in summer 2012. Both got used to their new life very well, although there is quite a contrast between Catalonia and the Ruhr district of Germany. Only the frequent rain and the German winters are not really to Castaño's taste.

Chupito enjoys the long paths in forest where he can do what he loves most: run! To us, the two are just the perfect horses for riding in the country: very safe but never boring - always full of energy and with their own ideas! They truly deserve their nickname "Los Locos".

In October 2015 Esperanza (nickname "Etzel") joined them, making the "Locos - Trio" complete. Right from the beginning, our "pretty boy" knew how to impress everyone at the stable (including the mares!) with his charm and good looks and acquired a large group of fans.

The three live in a bigger herd and go outside with us regularly. We (Ingrun, Sonja and the three Locos) are already looking forward to going on longer rides again in springtime!

Katja – Gandalfo & Paquito (Germany)

Katja & Gandalfo

On my very first trail with Panorama-Trails I met Gandalfo and: What can I say, it fell in love on the first ride. He gave me so much security for my first trail that I somehow fell in love right away. So, it happened that I rode Gandalfo on every trail again. At some point the day had come when I took heart and asked Rudi if I could take Gandalfo to Germany. And so, it came about that Dalfo was soon in Germany with me. We have always been hacking a lot in the field, because a trail horse is finally made for it. Unfortunately, Gandalfo has left us over the rainbow bridge and is now grazing in heavenly pastures. He will always be in my heart.

Katja & Paquito

Sometimes you have to be forced to your luck. Actually, I did not want a horse anymore, but then came Paquito. After I got home from the trail, I could not get him out of my head. With some support from others, the sweet Paquito came to me in summer of 2014. He is an extraordinary horse, somewhere between genius and insanity, and he is a great teacher to help me to improve on horseback. We deal a lot with academic riding, which benefits his gymnastics very much. The former trail horse is very motivated and very eager to learn. Of course, we also like hack and enjoy long rides. Whether Extreme Trail Park or Trail Parcours, he is fearless and masters everything with flying colours. At the moment we are slowly approaching to working equitation. Who knows, maybe the former trail horse will become a tournament horse? But the most important is that we enjoy it together and that we always have variety.

Kati – Gonzi (Spain)

Kati & Gonzi

I met the cheeky Gonzalez through my friend Daniela, who works with Panorama-Trails. Daniela brought me back to riding after five years without an own horse. After our first ride I was totally blown away by this little guy who had taken my heart by storm. Only a short time later Gonzi moved to our stables and I would not give him back for any money! Gonzi is a real cuddly bear and knows exactly what he wants! But he has a big heart and took off the fear of many horses being a perfect teacher, because he always remains calm and confident in all situations. So, our rides together are always fun and I can enjoy our time together to the fullest! I can always rely on Gonzi!

Nicole – Marinero (Austria)

Nicole – Marinero

It was in summer 2013 when I saw Marinero for the first time and I already knew that he would be my absolute dream horse.

We rode about 100 km through Catalonia and I fell more and more in love with this gelding. Back at home, I could not get him out of my head. In the fall, I visited him again and made the purchase clear. In spring 2014, the Spaniard arrived very fit and happy in Austria. He settled down within a few days and since he is generally a well treatable horse, he got along with my other horses fastly - on the third day all grazed peacefully on the paddock.

Marinero is an all-rounder - regardless of whether it's riding, dressage, working equitation, orienteering or endurance riding, this horse cuts a fine figure everywhere - for example, in 2014 we won the "newcomer title" in Austrian Distance Riding.

At the moment we just enjoy hacking - even without a saddle no problem - and we do some training for gymnastics. This gelding is just such a straightforward, friendly and intelligent horse who still has a healthy dose of temperament and I really appreciate that. I hope that he accompanies me for a long time by my side and I am afraid of the day when this will not be so, because such a horse will not cross my path twice.

Romany & Rodeo (UK)

Romany & Rodeo

I met Rodeo at Panorama-Trails about 10 years ago. He was a great little trail riding horse – small, fast and safe, just what I asked for.

He’s lived in the UK for 7 years now and I love him dearly. He’s a very intelligent horse who loves his food, which makes it quite a challenge to keep his weight down. He’s surrounded by luscious green grass and tasty hay and he’ll make every effort to get more than his share. He’s quite cheeky at times and has a mind of his own, but everybody loves him.

He’s retired from riding now so my focus is to keep him healthy and happy in his older years.