Former 'Panorama Trails' horses

Many visitors who come on our rides find their "dream horse" on the trails. Here are just a few of the lucky owners who have found their ideal partner in our former trail horses:

Quito & Heidi

A fateful meeting that was to change everything.

René and I had been out a lot with Spirit, our Cruzado gelding. But what we lacked was a second horse with which to go on extended trail rides. René often accompanied me with Spirit on foot or by bike, and we wanted to change that.

In June 2021 we flew to Barcelona to ride the challenging Andorra Trail. As soon as we arrived, I fell in love with the cappuccino-coloured gelding, who immediately approached me with curiosity. If I want one, it will be him!

You could say it was love at first sight. After a sleepless night, Quito was indeed assigned to me. Rudi only said that he was young and that it was his first time on this demanding trail. But Quito is an " awesome horse ", I still remember that so often... And how right he was, you just have to understand him (even if it is not always easy) LOL.

It was an unforgettable trip to Andorra and I knew before it was over... this great horse should come home with me. This was the horse I had been looking for. After a bit of back and forth, everything fell into place.

We had agreed with Rudi that Quito would finish this season and he would bring him to Switzerland on his way to Germany in January 2022. No sooner had this been agreed than we had the brilliant idea of riding Quito together with Spirit from Terradelles to us in the Zürcher Oberland in Switzerland.

Said and done... After 1800 km in storm, rain and wild landscapes we arrived safely in the Zürcher Oberland.

It was a great adventure for us, unforgettable, and we all got to know each other better. And yes, we would do it again any time.

There are days when I just want to hug him, he is like a boy scout, always up for anything, always ready for new challenges. But there are also days when I could just shoot him to the moon....

Our little Quito, destined for great things!

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Valent & Claudine (Luxembourg)

In June 2016, I went on the Paths of Herdsmen Trail with Panorama-Trails. They chose a horse called Valent for me. He was 8 years old back then. It was love at first sight! At the end of this wonderful trail I said to my friend that it was my dream to have my own PRE horse. At home, I already had a 26-year-old mare with arthrosis that could not be ridden anymore.

In May 2020, my friend asked me if I had seen that Panorama-Trails put Valent up for sale. I immediately sent an email, and everything took its course. After having been in touch with Corinna for two months and a test ride on Valent, I decided to buy him. He came to Luxembourg at the beginning of August 2020 and quickly settled in. He is an amazing horse, a pleasure to be around.

I am very grateful to Corinna and Rudi for their efforts. Thank you very much!

Martina & Venado (germany)

In July 2013, I booked another riding holiday in Spain. I went on the Andorra Trail. It feels like it was yesterday, when Rudi showed me Venado and told me this would be my horse for this trail.

I still remember how he was standing there tied up to a tree looking at me with his large brown eyes. And, what can I say, it was a perfect match. No matter how steep the paths in the mountains were, or how many riding hours per day, he has always carried me safely to our destination. We enjoyed truly magical days on the Andorra Trail. I was falling in love more with him every day.

Back in Germany, I simply could not get him out of my head. One week later, I called Rudi and told him that I would like to buy Venado. In September, he came all the way from Spain to my home in Bavaria, Germany.

Venado was exactly how I got to know him on the trail - very gentle and well-behaved and always forward-going and a safe ride.

He got used to his new home with ease. We have never had any problems. As he has always been out on trail rides in a group, I was doubting if I could go on rides with him all by myself. I had nothing to worry about. We have already been on several trail rides – regardless of whether we are in a group or alone, we always have a good time and he is not afraid of anything. Tractors, cyclists from behind, barking dogs, even a fire exercise – he stays calm and passes everything. In addition, he is motivated in our classes in the indoor arena.

Seven years have passed since I have bought Venado, and I have never regretted it! He is an amazing horse, and I look forward to many more years together with him!

Jo & Senega (England)

I can honestly say I fell in love with Senega the evening he stepped off the trailer from his long journey to the UK. He literally has been my dream come true! I previously owned a rather strong-natured Welsh cob, who I loved dearly but always felt slightly uncomfortable that we were never really right for each other. The last couple of years I struggled with the decision to sell him. Finally, I did part with him after six years, it was a sad time but he found a loving suitable home.

Megan and Arnau became new liveries this year at our yard. They bought their two beautiful horses with them from Spain - Picasso and Sansa. Megan previously was a volunteer at Panorama-Trails and described Senega to me and said he would be my perfect match. She was so right! Senega had arrived at Panorama-Trails when he was only five and worked faithfully until he was nineteen! He was steadily approaching a quieter life and where more perfect to take that life, than here to the UK with me! Thankfully with the help of Corrina and Rudi, Senega arrived in the UK on 18th July. He is such a beautiful horse with the kindest soul and gentle nature, I adore him. He gives me total confidence and my love for riding has definitely come back to me. Senega has settled into his new surroundings amazingly and enjoys his English life with his new family. I have a wonderful horse and two lovely new friends Megan & Arnau who have helped me more than they will ever know. Thank you to everyone at Panorama-Trails!

Kathrin & Eva mit Yakari & Gitano (Germany)

In June 2019, we were on the Andorra Trail with Rudi. This was an indescribable adventure and nature experience! Yakari and Gitano were our intrepid and surefooted companions on this beautiful trail - which would change our lives...

Back in Germany it was clear: a life without horses was out of question for us now! We decided that no other horses than these two treasures would do! So, we took heart and asked Rudi if we could bring them to Germany - and in December 2019 we took them out of the van at home!

Fortunately, the first winter in Germany was not very cold and the two Spaniards quickly acclimatised and integrated very well into their new herd.

Here in the Prignitz we have great extensive forests and perfect sandy field paths and since the beginning we hack out a lot doing trail rides. On our first rides over several days Yakari and Gitano brought us safely from station to station: passing windmills, tractors, forest workers and dwellers - the two always stay cool and calm. Only the puddles and lakes are still a bit spooky...but they we are making progress with them! ;-)

The love from the first trail in Spain is growing every day and we can't imagine a life without them now! Thanks to Rudi, our dream could come true and thanks to Daniela, who organised everything wonderfully!

We thank the great Panorama-Trails team and are looking forward to seeing them again soon!

Aromático & Lucia und Elke (Germany)

In July 2016, we spent a wonderful week with Panorama-Trails and we got to know Aromático on our four-day trail with Katrin.

At home we often thought about these beautiful days and Aromático and missed him so much. We stayed in touch with Katrin and asked about him regularly.

In April 2017, we decided to bring Aromático to Germany. We flew back to Catalonia and met Rudi. We had two great days there and we were able to ride with Rudi and his team through the beautiful landscape and of course enjoy time with Aromático.

Thanks to Daniela's great organization in May 2017 finally Aromático came to Germany.

He has settled in very well. We ride a lot and he is in the paddock with his friends every day.

Aromático is an incredibly great, reliable and lovable horse. We wouldn't give him back for all the money in the world!

Bonico & Heidi (Finland)

I met Bonico for the first time when I was on the Pirates Trail in May 2018. I had described my wishes of the horse to the horseback riding travel agency beforehand. On the first morning of the trail I went to see the horses ahead of time. I immediately saw the beautiful active horse secretly hoping it would be for me. This horse was Bonico and he was going to be my trail horse. Our journey together was about to begin. Bonico was everything I had dreamed off: unique character, lovely to ride and very handsome. When I returned home, I missed him a lot. I was happy to hear that Rudi wanted to sell Bonico to me in Finland.

Bonico arrived in Southern Finland in August 2018. At first, he lived at a nice stables near a natural park with two other horses. I soon realized that Bonico needed more horses around him and I moved him to bigger stables where he began to feel more relaxed. The first winter went very well. He was ok with snow, frost, rugs, boots and studs.

Bonico is an amazing trail horse and that was one of the reasons why I bought him. He loves to go on hacks which we mainly do but he also seems to be a wonderful horse to ride in the arena. What I love the most is his character. He is strong, social and knows what he wants. He is very sweet and trusts me a lot. He likes routines and loves carrots and mares.

In summer, Bonico lives with other geldings in a big paddock where he can canter and eat green grass. Nowadays he seems to be very relaxed and enjoys his early retirement days. I hope that we will still have many years together.

Browny & Antonia (Germany)

If someone had told me before my holiday in November 2019 that I would not only be enriched by a wonderful trail riding experience, but also by a new family member, I would probably have smiled wearily.

But sometimes destiny makes other plans! I got to know Browny on my first ride with Panorama-Trails. Honestly, it wasn't love at first sight. When we met, it was raining cats and dogs and Browny was anything but enthusiastic about being groomed. Therefore, he soon got his nickname "Grumpy"... But because of his very special nature, this chestnut gelding sneaked slowly into my heart. In the saddle we harmonised from the first minute. He was sensitive and sure-footed and together we spent wonderful hours on the Mediterranean Trail. When I got home, it was clear to me that Browny had secured a place not only in my heart, but also with me in Upper Bavaria!

After some personal difficulties and shortly before Coronavirus could spoil it all for us in March Browny finally moved to me. Thanks to his group-experience, he quickly felt at home in his new small herd of horses. The mares in particular quickly succumbed to his charming nature and perhaps also to his Spanish temperament.

I notice how relaxed Browny gets from day to day and how he enjoys having only me as a permanent caregiver. The wonderful rides we have had in this short time Browny has been with me are unique. Here you simply notice what great work is invested in the horses at Panorama-Trails. Browny bravely leads the group when riding andit is very easy to handle him. He is up for everything and does not hesitate for a second, not even for bigger challenges.

After a brisk ride, Browny's second major strength comes up: eating. I have rarely seen a horse that looks forward to eating like Browny. His loud neighing when I come around the corner with his beloved mash always makes me laugh.

Dear Rudi, Daniela and Panorama-Trails Team,
Thank you for entrusting me Browny and thank you for all your support! Above all, Daniela, you worked so tirelessly that "the brown one" could come to me. I hope that we will send many more voice messages! ;-) I am looking forward to Browny’s and my time together and we will work and grow together on our big goal, the crossing of the Alps, which starts right on my doorstep. I think if I asked Browny, he would just say, "Sure, when we are going? But don't forget to pack enough food! "

Picasso & Megan (UK)

I first met Picasso after almost two years volunteering at Panorama Trails. By this point, I had ridden a number of the horses and had a few favourites! When Picasso arrived at Panorama-Trails he was a very inexperienced horse, nervous in every way including being tidied up, brushed, mounting and appeared to have very little previous experience of trail riding! He was clearly very green and untrusting. After a few months of riding him, I decided that although Picasso would have made a brilliant trail horse, I had to try to buy him for myself! I had completely fallen in love with him and his cheeky personality, sensitive nature and smooth gaits! Thank goodness Rudi agreed and let me buy him! I am so grateful to Rudi for letting me buy my forever horse from him! We enjoyed two years in Catalonia before returning to the UK earlier this year. Picasso is really enjoying the English countryside, a fantastic network of off-road bridleways and lots of green grass! We have started some show jumping and are looking forward to new adventures here! I will return regularly to see everyone at Panorama Trails and cannot wait to ride out with Rudi, Corinna and the rest of the gang soon!

Ratu & Iben (Denmark)

In May 2019 I travelled with a friend to Catalonia to do a trail ride in the Pyrenees. This was my first trail ride on a horse, that was not my own and the first time ever on a riding holiday. I didn’t really know what to expect, but on the first evening before the trail I noticed this very lovely looking bay gelding with very sweet and gentle eyes. The horse turned out to be a 5-year old Andalusian named Ratu. He was still rather new to life as a trail horse and was going to be ridden by a Panorama-Trails staff member on the trail I was going on, as this was Ratu’s first trail.

I was given another horse for the trail, which I was very pleased with. But the first night on the trail I sprained my ankle very badly when I get off the horse. Because the horse I was riding was a little bit difficult getting on especially with a bad ankle, Rudi suggested that maybe I should ride Ratu for the rest of trail. I agreed to that, and I never regretted it for one second! Even though Ratu was young and not so experienced, he was very sweet and such a joy to ride.

Even when he got a little nervous about cows or barking dogs (as young horses sometimes do), I felt very safe and happy riding him. When I walked (or rather limped) next to him I got the clear feeling that he was waiting for me and was taking such good care of me when I struggled with walking up and down the steep mountains.

During the trail I fell more and more in love with Ratu. At home I had lost my trail and endurance horse 6 months earlier, but I had still two horses at home and I certainly wasn’t planning to buy a horse in Spain. Yet when we finished the trail, I couldn’t help asking Rudi if he would consider selling Ratu. Luckily Rudi was persuaded to sell him to me.

In July 2019, Ratu arrived in Denmark after a long trip all the way from Spain. Despite being just 5 years old and having his life completely changed, he took everything with a calm and sensible approach. Already after a few weeks he followed me everywhere I went and walked next to me whenever I walked around in the paddock. Now he has been in Denmark for almost 3 months and is starting his life as a trail and endurance horse in Denmark.

Timi & Steffi (Germany)

In summer 2019 I rode my first trail with Panorama-Trails. My friend and I chose the Fresh & Salt Water Trail.

When I saw Timi I just hoped that he would be assigned to me, he was just gorgeous!

Nicky and Tash simply have a good feel for horses and riders and chose perfectly for me! Because from minute to minute, and kilometre to kilometre, I liked Timi's gentle, sensitive nature more and more.

Tash told me that it was Timi's first trail for two weeks and we immediately bonded, I could not help but fall in love with him!

Five days and 135 kilometres later, still at the airport, I saw on the Panorama-Trails website that Timi was offered for sale.

With the help of Daniela everything went very quickly, and we organised it perfectly! Since the 1st October 2019 Timi has been here with us in the far north of Germany.

We put our newcomer Timi together with my gelding Carinjo from the very first minute. I knew that the two of them would immediately get on with one another and in fact the two fit together perfectly!

Behind his shy, frightened manor was a well-behaved, lovely, gentle giant. After overcoming this shyness towards us, he has developed into the herd boss, the perfect hand horse, the leader of the group when riding and recently we even hack out alone.

Now Timi is with his new buddy at our farm and we are just so happy that he has become part of the family!

Faro (Lighthouse), born 10th June 1996

Love at second sight

When I first saw Faro (at that time he was fifteen years old) nearly seven years ago, I noticed a horse that snapped a little bit at another horse that was also waiting to be brushed. He was not nasty – he just needed his own space.

During our trail ride I was deeply impressed because he was so relaxed and levelheaded. On the second day, I fell in love with Faro in an instant and we really connected. Maybe it was when he rubbed his head on me while I untacked him (I know you should not let the horses do this because we are supposed to be showing them who is the boss, but I did anyway). Perhaps it was also his absolute reliability and his loving character. I quickly knew that I wanted to provide Faro a comfortable retirement home.

Thanks to all of you; especially to Niki, Dani and Rudi, on the 24th September 2011 I was offered the most wonderful present in my life: Rudi brought Faro to me!

In the first few months, Faro did not want to leave the yard on his own. He did not trust me (why would he, he barely knew me?), he stayed with the herd, became friends with a Friesian and played beautifully with him. Many times, I came to the riding stables and I would not see a flea-bitten grey, but a black and brown horse that has been rolling in the mud again.

Now after six and a half years: Faro is still frequently brown. Nothing changes! He is now twenty-one and a half years old, but still a complete rascal. He is playful with his friends, uses our walks to try all of the tasty plants in the woods and we go on hacks all by ourselves. He is my soulmate, my lighthouse, my greatest treasure. He has a delightful character, he surprises me over and over again, he makes me laugh and he knows my weaknesses without ever taking advantage of them. Being with him brings great joy to my life, no matter whether I just look at him, smell his beautiful furry nose, go for a walk with him or ride him. Faro is simply best thing to ever have happened to me in my life!

Angela & Codul (France)

For a variety of reasons, I never wanted my own horse – but now Codul is part of my life. I met him back in 2006. He was one of the first horses that Rudi had bought for Panorama-Trails ….. one of the founding members, so to speak.

Since November 2013, he has spent his well-deserved early retirement with my sister and my brother-in-law in Normandy in France at their Equestrian Centre. Unfortunately, I could not finance any lodging for him in Hamburg, so this seemed like a good alternative!

He does not participate in the daily riding activities there, but he certainly adds a bit of charm to the place! Several times a year, I spend a couple of weeks with him and the other twenty horses there and we are always ‘en route’ enjoying the outdoors!

Codul (Cody) is a complete professional and on our hacks, I can rely on him one-hundred percent. We take it easy (both of us have grown older), but a little canter is always a possibility. He particularly loves the bright green grass in the Normandy countryside.

When he is boisterous from time to time, we ask him if he would like to return to Rudi and to his work in the Pyrenees?! He responds with an uncomprehending glance …

If you would like to discover the Norman lowlands:

Castaño, Chupito and Esperanza & Sonja and Ingrun

Castaño and Chupito arrived in Germany together, in summer 2012. Both got used to their new life very well, although there is quite a contrast between Catalonia and the Ruhr district of Germany. Only the frequent rain and the German winters are not really to Castaño's taste.

Chupito enjoys the long paths in forest where he can do what he loves most: run! To us, the two are just the perfect horses for riding in the country: very safe but never boring - always full of energy and with their own ideas! They truly deserve their nickname "Los Locos".

In October 2015 Esperanza (nickname "Etzel") joined them, making the "Locos - Trio" complete. Right from the beginning, our "pretty boy" knew how to impress everyone at the stable (including the mares!) with his charm and good looks and acquired a large group of fans.

The three live in a bigger herd and go outside with us regularly. We (Ingrun, Sonja and the three Locos) are already looking forward to going on longer rides again in springtime!

Claudia & Tizón (Germany)

Claudia & Tizón

At the end of October 2016, I travelled to Catalonia for the fourth time to go on a trail ride with Rudi. It was my second Pirates Trail. As always, I allowed Rudi to surprise me and choose my horse for me; this time it was Tizón! Back then, Tizón was rather new at Panorama Trails and this was his first tour in the mountains. Rudi asked me if I would like a challenge and to have the honour of going with him on his first mountain tour! Of course, I said yes! This is how it all started ......

HE was simply fantastic (using Rudi´s words). Super soft to ride, responsive and he reacted sensitively to my needs. Considering his young age, he was very brave, confident and interested in everything around him. At the time of the trail, I was going through a difficult phase in my life and the ´little black one´ – as I used to call him – brought me so much joy, he was the greatest pleasure! During the trail, he helped me to forget all about my worries at home and turned out to be exactly what I needed during that moment in time!

To question my feelings for him again, I did two more trails in April and October 2017 (living beyond my means a bit, I must say!). On these occasions, I did not want to be surprised with a new horse – I only wanted Tizón ? I had him on both trail rides and quickly fell in love with him all over again :)?

On the 29th October 2017 following my trail, I decided to be brave and bite the bullet. Unbelievably, Rudi and I shook hands; he had decided to give Tizón to me, I had bought him, and he was all mine! Tizón – my buddy, my partner and so much more!

After that, everything happened rather quickly. Rudi was planning to go to the “Pferd & Jagd” (Horse & Hunting) trade fair in Hannover, Germany and he suggested to bring him there himself. Rudi handed him over to me at a riding stables near Hannover, six weeks after my Bandits Trail on the 6th December 2017 (the best Christmas present in the world!). I let MY little black one stay there overnight, because we could not have reached our final destination that day. The next morning, we loaded him into a trailer for the last 450km of the journey. Unfortunately, we had a few issues and had to find emergency accommodation 30km from Tizón’s new home! A storm was coming, and for safety reasons, it was prohibited to transport cars with trailers: the car shuttle simply would not take us on our way!

Tizón’s new home is situated in the northernmost part of Germany, on the island of Sylt. It can only be reached by ferry or car shuttle. After a night in a box at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke Koog, we reached Morsum on Sylt on the 8th December 2017! Tizón was not a big fan of the ferry passage because he was facing backwards. Sometimes he was nervous and galloping on the spot! Tizón’s new home is right behind my house in an outdoor stable. I already have two horses (a 24-year-old mare and a 25-year-old gelding; both of whom have been with me since they were foals). They are now retired, and my new youngster Tizón is the third in the group. Initially separated and slowly getting used to each other, step by step my little herd is coming together! Three days after his arrival, winter arrived immediately, and it was snowing …. a bit of a culture shock for the Catalan! He reacted in the same way that he had on the trails when I came to know and love him; up for anything, he overcame any difficulty! His curiosity and sociable character were his advantages in the herd. Friends of mine told me that I should not cross Tizón and ruin our relationship – as this bold horse would declare his independence ?.

I was not looking for a new horse, but as any animal lover will know when you meet that special one you cannot say no: I had found Tizón and Tizón had found me!

For many years, I have meticulously ridden dressage on warmbloods, a couple of years later I ended up in endurance races, and when my hoses became too old for the sport, we simply went on hacks. For several years, I went on trail rides in many places around the world – 6 of them with Panorama Trails in Catalonia, 3 of them on Tizón. I am not completely sure what I am planning to do with him now and where our path together will lead, but I know for sure that I am looking forward to having a great time with him. Together, we will develop something special, and one thing is certain: it’s going to be good!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me and helped me to realise my dream – I am truly grateful! A special thank you to Daniela and of course, how could I forget, to Rudi! A million thanks to you all!

Katja – Gandalfo & Paquito (Germany)

Katja & Gandalfo

On my very first trail with Panorama-Trails I met Gandalfo and: What can I say, it fell in love on the first ride. He gave me so much security for my first trail that I somehow fell in love right away. So, it happened that I rode Gandalfo on every trail again. At some point the day had come when I took heart and asked Rudi if I could take Gandalfo to Germany. And so, it came about that Dalfo was soon in Germany with me. We have always been hacking a lot in the field, because a trail horse is finally made for it. Unfortunately, Gandalfo has left us over the rainbow bridge and is now grazing in heavenly pastures. He will always be in my heart.

Katja & Paquito

Sometimes you have to be forced to your luck. Actually, I did not want a horse anymore, but then came Paquito. After I got home from the trail, I could not get him out of my head. With some support from others, the sweet Paquito came to me in summer of 2014. He is an extraordinary horse, somewhere between genius and insanity, and he is a great teacher to help me to improve on horseback. We deal a lot with academic riding, which benefits his gymnastics very much. The former trail horse is very motivated and very eager to learn. Of course, we also like hack and enjoy long rides. Whether Extreme Trail Park or Trail Parcours, he is fearless and masters everything with flying colours. At the moment we are slowly approaching to working equitation. Who knows, maybe the former trail horse will become a tournament horse? But the most important is that we enjoy it together and that we always have variety.

Kati – Gonzi (Spain)

Kati & Gonzi

I met the cheeky Gonzalez through my friend Daniela, who works with Panorama-Trails. Daniela brought me back to riding after five years without an own horse. After our first ride I was totally blown away by this little guy who had taken my heart by storm. Only a short time later Gonzi moved to our stables and I would not give him back for any money! Gonzi is a real cuddly bear and knows exactly what he wants! But he has a big heart and took off the fear of many horses being a perfect teacher, because he always remains calm and confident in all situations. So, our rides together are always fun and I can enjoy our time together to the fullest! I can always rely on Gonzi!

Nicole – Marinero (Austria)

Nicole – Marinero

It was in summer 2013 when I saw Marinero for the first time and I already knew that he would be my absolute dream horse.

We rode about 100 km through Catalonia and I fell more and more in love with this gelding. Back at home, I could not get him out of my head. In the fall, I visited him again and made the purchase clear. In spring 2014, the Spaniard arrived very fit and happy in Austria. He settled down within a few days and since he is generally a well treatable horse, he got along with my other horses fastly - on the third day all grazed peacefully on the paddock.

Marinero is an all-rounder - regardless of whether it's riding, dressage, working equitation, orienteering or endurance riding, this horse cuts a fine figure everywhere - for example, in 2014 we won the "newcomer title" in Austrian Distance Riding.

At the moment we just enjoy hacking - even without a saddle no problem - and we do some training for gymnastics. This gelding is just such a straightforward, friendly and intelligent horse who still has a healthy dose of temperament and I really appreciate that. I hope that he accompanies me for a long time by my side and I am afraid of the day when this will not be so, because such a horse will not cross my path twice.

Romany & Rodeo (UK)

Romany & Rodeo

I met Rodeo at Panorama-Trails about 10 years ago. He was a great little trail riding horse – small, fast and safe, just what I asked for.

He’s lived in the UK for 7 years now and I love him dearly. He’s a very intelligent horse who loves his food, which makes it quite a challenge to keep his weight down. He’s surrounded by luscious green grass and tasty hay and he’ll make every effort to get more than his share. He’s quite cheeky at times and has a mind of his own, but everybody loves him.

He’s retired from riding now so my focus is to keep him healthy and happy in his older years.

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