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Our horses have a good life! They are kept in a natural herd setting that suits the character of the Andalusian horse. They are selected for their appropriate temperament and a lot of time is spent on training them, so our happy Spanish horses make absolutely reliable and sure-footed companions for you. Each of our "Spaniards" has a unique personality, but they have one thing in common: they are high performance athletes.

A choice of around 40 lovely and reliable Andalusian and Spanish horses is waiting for you, to make your riding holiday a unique experience!

Our Horses

Alacío 2000


* 2000

This beautiful chestnut is well-behaved and very experienced. His soft pace is extremely comfortable for the rider. He guarantees a fantastic trail ride for advanced riders as well as for beginners.

Bruno 2015


* 2015

This stunning young Andalusian is a real treasure, and he loves spending time with his rider! Bruno is forward-going and always attentive.

Calderín 2008


* 2008

This strongly built P.R.E. gelding is very juvenile. He enjoys working, and he has a distinctive self-confidence. With an experienced rider he would go through thick and thin.

Califa 2007


* 2007

This stunning white horse is a pure P.R.E. gelding. His experience and calmness make him a great lead horse. He is ridden by our guide Anaïs.

Camaron 2010


* 2010

This charming white horse is a P.R.E. with a pleasant forward thrust. Our guide Nacho often chooses him as his lead horse.

Caruso 2015


* 2015

Caruso is an exceptional horse! This majestic pure-bred P.R.E. gelding is always enthusiastic. On our trail rides, he presents himself as both talented and fearless.

Casper 2009


* 2009

Casper is a Spanish Cruzado with wonderfully comfortable gait. With his lovely gentle personality we can easily recommend him to everyone.

Chanello 2010


* 2010

Our young P.R.E gelding Chanello is not only a beauty with outstanding gaits, but is also uncomplicated to handle and an easy ride. He is the perfect partner for an unforgettable trail ride!

Chicharrero 2015


* 2015

Chicharrero is exceptionally intelligent and has a strong character. The pure-bred P.R.E. gelding is courageous on our trail rides. He feels most comfortable with a relaxed, experienced rider.

Chisco 2012


* 2012

This lively Andalusian gelding engages with his rider. Thanks to his endurance he is not only happy on the coastal trails, but also on the challenging mountain rides.

Conejo 2005


* 2005

Conejo is a very sensitive Spanish horse. He just aims to please his rider, and he reacts immediately even to the gentlest movement.

Curro 2013


* 2013

Curro is a gorgeous Andalusian gelding. With his cheerful personality, he can only be loved. He is still young, but completely daring and very affectionate towards humans.

Diablo 2013


* 2013

Diablo is a calm, bold trail horse. Experienced riders can look forward to a relaxed trail ride with him. With his relaxed nature, this gelding gives less confident riders a real sense of security.

Dinámico 2007


* 2007

This strikingly beautiful white horse is a thoroughbred P.R.E. gelding. Dinámico is easy to ride and handle. A dream horse!

Fènix 2005


* 2005

This French trotter gelding is always highly motivated and impressively enduring. With his excellent gait he is a fantastic ride.

Feriol 2005


* 2005

This shiny white Hispano Arab is a very experienced trail horse, who is full of energy. For his rider he gives his very best!

Fito 2008


* 2008

This energetic trotter loves to demonstrate his endurance on the trails. He is a straightforward ride and easy to handle.

Flamenco 2010


* 2010

This chestnut Hispano Arab is a pure power horse! He enjoys moving forward, and he loves to work. For his rider he will cross even the steepest mountains.

Flash 2010


* 2010

Flash is a Hispano Arab who perfectly unites the endurance, energy, and elegance of both breeds. He likes being ridden by an advanced rider best.

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Francesco 2006


* 2006

This bay Tres Sangres gelding is exceptionally tall and elegant. Especially on the coast, Francesco moves forward properly and joyfully. While doing so, he is sensitive and engages with his rider. 

Hidalgo 28 2009

Hidalgo 28

* 2009

The charming P.R.E. gelding is energetic, but, at the same time, very sensitive to the rider’s aids. Our guide Corinna loves to ride him on her trails as a lead horse!

Jaleo 2015


* 2015

This large-framed P.R.E. gelding has brilliant movements. Despite his young age, Jaleo is perfectly calm and has a positive approach towards anything new.

Moncherie 2006


* 2006

This French trotter is sweet tempered and also full of power. The perfect blend for every rider!

Mufasa 2001


* 2001

This bay Arabian gelding knows the trail routes very well. He always remains calm, and he is absolutely reliable and relaxed.

Quito 2015


* 2015

Quito is a very expressive P.R.E. gelding. He needs a rider who radiates self-assurance. Then, he is up for any adventure!

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Rodolí 2010


* 2010

This small gelding is a lively horse, and sometimes gets distracted. Despite this, he is always controllable. Rodolí is especially appropriate for young experienced riders.

Sadhan 2014


* 2014

Little Sadhan is a true power pack with outstanding endurance. He is still young, but already trail-experienced and very affectionate towards humans.

Taro 2009


* 2009

This bay Andalusian gelding is sweet tempered. He is fantastic on the ground and under the saddle, and he efficiently overcomes every obstacle.

Vido 2012


* 2012

This young P.R.E. gelding is a true piece of gold. He is very sensitive, with lots of unspent energy he is an extremely comfortable ride.

Viento 2009


* 2009

The pure-bred Arab is not only exceptionally handsome, but also a fantastic ride. In addition, Viento is experienced in hacking and extremely confident: a top horse!

Vistoso 2010


* 2010

Vistoso is a gentle giant. He is reliable in every situation, fearless and steps forward every time with willingness to perform.

Zorro 2006


* 2006

This tall bay Spanish horse belongs in the fastest and most enduring horses group at Panorama-Trails. An experienced rider benefits from the power and commitment of this horse.


When you look into the big friendly eyes of an Andalusian, with his mane flowing in the warm summer breeze, you quickly fall in love. The Andalusian is a spirited but very graceful and sensible horse.

Historically, the name ‘Andalusian’ dates back to the Middle Ages when the Muslim part of the Pyrenees peninsula, where horse breeding flourished, was called Al-Andalus. The breed is obviously not limited to today's region of Andalusia. However, the fact that important centres of Spanish horse breeding are located in the Southern Spanish region of Andalusia is misleading.

The breeding of the PRE (Pura Raza Española) is extremely strict and the studbook has been managed for a long time by the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Only stallions and mares that are registered here and have completed and passed a licensing are approved for breeding. All other Spanish horses that cannot be qualified as PRE or horses of other pure Spanish bloodlines are called "Andalusians".

Although the Andalusian is a spirited horse, it is also very gentle and reliable. Many riders appreciate the Andalusian because he is very docile and obedient and is a wonderful horse for beginners.

All of these good qualities mean we have, for the most part, chosen this wonderful breed for our trail rides!