High quality saddle pad

Saddle Pad


Saddle Pad


For long trail rides a saddle pad that fits your horse perfectly is essential to avoid saddle sores. The Saddle Pad Panorama-Trails is made by hand in Catalonia meaning each saddle pad is unique. It consists of high quality anti-decubitus hollow fibre fur that protects the horses back from pressure marks and sores. A fibre grid is worked into the Saddle Pad Panorama-Trails so that it is not only especially fast-drying, but also exceptionally breathable and comfortable for your horse. Consequently, it is ideal for trail rides through different climate zones (e.g. for our Andorra Trail - “Beach to Beach“). At the front, the fur insert protects the withers; at the back, it preserves the horse´s back from force from the saddle bag. The red velour cover is robust and contributes to an elegant overall appearance.


  • One size (approx. 65 x 50 cm)

Delivery Time

  • On request

Highlights & Facts

  • Hand made from high quality anti-decubitus hollow fibre fur
  • Especially breathable & fast-drying
  • Ideal for significant temperature changes
  • Locally produced


To be perfectly prepared for a longer ride, the Trail Riding Saddle Hidalgo Panorama-Trails Edition as well as the Saddle Bag Panorama-Trails work perfectly well together.
250 €
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