Andorra, France, Spain – 2 countries in 11 days

Andorra Trail - “Beach to Beach“

Andorra, France, Spain – 2 countries in 11 days

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Short Trail Description

Andorra and Spain – 2 countries in 11 days – along a 350 km trail the Andorra Trails offers probably the most challenging horse-riding adventure in Europe. This outdoor packed trip goes from the Mediterranean coast to the central Pyrenees. It is an impressive trip for adventurous nature enthusiasts. You will sleep out in the wild for 3 out of 12 nights. It is not only the longest trail we offer, but at the same time one of the toughest trail rides worldwide. An altitude difference of 11,000 metres is covered during the trip – a number that is hard to beat on horseback!


  • 13 Days / 12 Nights / 11 Riding Days
  • Up to 9 hours in the saddle per day.


  • 6 - 10 Riders


  • Mountain & Sea
  • Pyrenees

Highlights & Facts

  • 3 nights sleeping under the stars
  • Cosy evening in a spectacular rock canyon
  • Spectacular views on the Pyrenees of Spain, France and Andorra
  • Back to the roots – an unforgettable experience in untouched nature
  • Swimming in a mountain lake at 2500 m

Riding Level

  • 4 horseshoes or more (Experienced)

Trail Route

Day 1: Mediterranean Flair - Andorra Pack Trip Trail Ride

After a transfer from the airport, we spend the first night in an old 16th century mill that has its own special charm. Here we are welcomed by our friend Bogi, who lives in this typical Catalan stone house. The South American style garden is a wonderful paradise! What a wonderful place to start our trail ride into the Pyrenees Mountains. We will meet up with our guide and fellow riders over a delicious evening meal in a cosy atmosphere.

Day 2: Ride along the Fluvia River

In the morning we get to know our horses. The adventure begins!

Following old shepherds' paths, we cross the hilly landscape of the foothills of the Pyrenees and follow the course of the river Fluvià towards the mountains.

The pretty villages of Alt Empordà are impressive witnesses to a grandiose past. We enjoy our packed lunch in a clearing next to the river.

After a siesta, we ride at a leisurely pace to the medieval town of Besalú. Our accommodation for the night is in a hotel next to the beautiful Romanesque bridge overlooking the river Fluvià and the town. Before dinner we have the opportunity to stroll through the old streets of Besalú. In a restaurant in the square, we will enjoy a delicious paella or other typical dishes and tapas.

Day 3: Rocky gorge and mountain stream!

In the morning we ride up the river at a fast pace, then follow mountain paths and enjoy some relaxed cantering.

In a beautiful river valley, we stop for a picnic, which our horses also enjoy. A small river beach near the Roman Bridge invites us to swim, jump and dive. The babbling of the water tempts us to have a little siesta.

Now we are ready to climb up step by step. A mountain path takes us into the solitude of the Garrotxa Mountains.

An atmospheric dome tent near to a gorge, surrounded by mighty rocks, will be our sleeping place for the night. The acoustics, the solitude and the murmur of the mountain river will inspire us with happiness!

Day 4: The Garrotxa Mountains, wild and fearless!

The mountainous landscape begins to change as we ride through the area of the old Garrotxa, with its deep valleys, rugged cliffs and dense forests of oak trees.

At lunchtime we enjoy a delicious saddlebag picnic in a lovely spot by the river. After lunch and a siesta, we take a refreshing dip in the mountain stream before continuing at a brisk pace.

In the evening we reach our accommodation for the night. With its beautiful stone houses and its picturesque Romanesque church, this small medieval town is rightly considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. We enjoy a delicious regional dinner at the hotel.

Day 5: Mountain town of Camprodón

The route of the trail takes us deeper and deeper into the Pyrenees. Following an ancient trade route dating back to the Middle Ages, we will reach the border region with France.

We are leaving the foothills of the Pyrenees behind us. The mountains are now covered with forests of beech, oak and chestnut. The views of the surrounding three thousand metre peaks are breath-taking. Crossing the lush meadows of flowers and gentians, we approach our destination, the mountain town of Camprodón, on the banks of the Pyrenean River Ter. During an evening stroll through the pleasant town, there will be plenty of opportunities for a drink in one of the many bars...

Day 6: Pyrenees - Kingdom of the shepherds

Today we will get up early, because we are going to climb high up in the mountains. Across the wide pastures, our horses ascend towards the summit.

We meet happy cows, sheep and mountain goats. Here and there wild Pyrenean horses greet us. We are in the high mountains of the Pyrenees with their alpine character. Flowers such as narcissi, irises, gentians and mountain roses transform the meadows into carpets of flowers.

At 1800 metres we reach a pass, an endless steppe of grass and stone. The panorama is magnificent. In the west we can see the highest peaks of Catalonia and in the east the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. We stop for a siesta and observe a family of vultures circling in the sky.

Over an elongated mountain pass, we ride on lonely paths through this beautiful mountain paradise down to a small Pyrenean village. We spend the night in a former farmhouse in the valley.

Day 7: “Little Mongolia”

In the morning we cross an old mining village and ride through dense boxwood forests. During the day, some spectacular ascents over endless high alpine pastures await us! We pass herds of cattle and mountain horses that eye us curiously at the sound of their bells. Above us, vultures and eagles circle, their huge wingspan is incredible!

Once at the top, we are offered a magnificent panoramic view in all four directions: In the North, the high three-thousand-metre peaks rise, in the West we look at the towering stone mountains of the pre-Pyrenees, in the East the view reaches as far as the Mediterranean coast and in the South, we discover the bizarre mountain range of Montserrat.

Satiated by this magnificent landscape, which reminds us of Mongolia, we descend into the valley. The forests and the moss-covered ground swallow the clatter of our horses' hooves. In the evening we reach our domicile for today, a charming mountain hotel.

Day 8: Chamois in the Mongrony Massif

On the way again, we emerge from the shadows of the forest into the wide-open spaces of the mountain meadows.

We observe the silhouettes of chamois on the horizon, jumping over the rocks with breath-taking speed. Today we have plenty of opportunities for trotting and cantering uphill until we finally reach the mountain ridge in a stunning final spurt. What a magnificent view we are presented with here!

Tonight, we sleep in a nicely managed hikers' hut. The sunset over the surrounding rocky mountains is a unique natural spectacle. After a tasty dinner from the hosts, we stretch out comfortably in the sleeping room.

Day 9: Sierra Cadi - wide plateau of Cerdanya

With the sunrise we leave our night camp. In the morning atmosphere we ride through the overwhelming nature park Moixeró. We arrive at a mountain hut and fortify ourselves with a snack and a cold drink.

As we descend, we catch a glimpse of the impressive Cerdanya plateau before cantering to our picnic spot with views of the Sierra de Cadí.

Tonight, we are accommodated "luxuriously". In a nice natural stone village, cosy rooms with a hot shower await us. In the lovely bar of the country house, we are treated to a savoury dinner.

Day 10: Land of the Cathars

We ride briskly through the lush plains of the Cerdanya. The numerous meadows and grain fields offer the opportunity for trotting and cantering.

While crossing the river Ter, our horses fight against the water current.

We are entering the land of the Cathars. In an enchanting Pyrenean valley, we set up our camp. The turquoise pools of the torrent serve us as "bathtubs".

High up on a rock, the ruins of a Cathar castle remind us of days gone by. Our horses peacefully savour the nourishing, lush green high mountain grass. In this ambience we come to rest and gaze at a twinkling starry sky before falling asleep.

Day 11: Hiking in Andorra

Today we set off on a challenging climb to Andorra. It is an exciting day as we have everything we need for the next two days in our luggage!

We are amply rewarded for the effort of the ascent: the view over the high mountain landscape is unique. Here we are: at an altitude of 2500 m and in only 11 days of riding we have ridden across 2 countries!

Our horses graze in a pretty pasture by the river while we dangle our feet in the stream gump and enjoy the soothing refreshing water!

In the evening, we reach a beautiful spot in the middle of the high Pyrenees, where we set up our camp. We prepare a rich dinner from our pack bags and come to rest sated, while the bells of the alpine cows spread their calming sound around us.

Day 12: The High Pyrenees of Andorra

On the way across beautiful mountain meadows and through river valleys, we keep a lookout for marmots. After some challenging climbs we cross the pass and reach the highest point of our journey: We are at an altitude of 2600 m! From here we have a spectacular view of the Serra de Cadí and the highest mountain in Catalonia, the Pica d'Estats. We carefully make our way down through this enchanting landscape to a shining mountain lake. We have reached our destination! We are back in Catalonia.

In a nearby guesthouse, we enjoy a well-deserved hot shower and a farewell dinner together, during which we review our adventure. What a wonderful time we had!

Day 13: Hasta la vista Pyrenees!

After breakfast, farewell and transfer to Barcelona.

> Important notice to all customers!

Information & Services


This route is an incredible and unforgettable experience. However, to get the most from this unique adventure trail ride, you must be aware of a number of factors and come prepared and able to comply with some important conditions.

The riding is through challenging terrain and the days are long – often with up to 9 hours in the saddle, covering up to 50 kilometres in one day. The Andorra packing trip is known as the most challenging trail ride in Europe! Only experienced riders will be able to enjoy this route and you must be comfortable and safe at all paces. Furthermore, you should be able to mount and dismount on both sides of your horse without assistance in difficult terrain.

Where the route is particularly challenging, we have to dismount and lead the horses. You should therefore be fit and able to hike both up and downhill in mountainous terrain. In addition, you should not attempt this route if you are afraid of heights.

Being in the mountains means that conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly. You should therefore come willing to be patient, flexible and understanding when plans change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sleeping outside in the mountains allows you to really experience the freedom and nature of this beautiful area. However, you must understand that most nights are spent at campsites without facilities such as toilets and hot showers. Instead, you should be prepared to pitch your own tent, help with the food and live in more basic conditions. You will be rewarded with tranquillity below a starry sky.

Due to the difficulty of this trail, the maximum weight limit for riders is 85 kg and the age limit is 65 years. If these conditions do not apply to you, please contact us to decide individually whether this trail ride is the right one for you.

Included services

  • Riding program as described (Due to the difficulty of the trail and unpredictable weather conditions, changes at short notice are always possible).
  • 13 days, 12 nights, 11 riding days:
    • 8 nights in double room with WC/shower, 2 nights of which with shared facilities (see accommodation).
    • 4 overnight stays in simple mountain huts/domes/mountain chapels/tents with shared facilities (see accommodation).
  • 11 Riding days half board (lunch picnic including water and wine)
  • Arrival day dinner included/departure day breakfast included
  • Tax on stays in tourist establishments
  • Transportation of luggage
  • Local transfers during the trail

Not included services

  • Flight or public transport (on arrival and on departure), taxi
  • Collective airport transfer from/to Barcelona.
  • Restaurant & Catering services during the ride: payable locally at the first dinner
  • Drinks/food in bars
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Coffee/Tea, etc. at dinner
  • Single tent supplement (see accommodation)
  • Single room supplement (see accommodation)
  • Tips for the team and other services
Transfers & Caterings


  • First day: on arrival dinner is at approx. 9:00 p.m.
  • Last day: before departure breakfast is at approx. 9:00 a.m.
  • Due to local conditions, a route change or amendment may be necessary.
  • The Andorra Trail can be ridden in both directions.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to substitute the described accommodations by equivalent if necessary.
  • In order to perform the trail safely, there may be changes to the program due to unforeseen natural and weather conditions. The resulting extra cost for accommodations deviating to the program (cottages, mountain inns, hotels) are not included in the price and will be charged separately on site.


Double Room/Double Tent/ "Half Double Room"/Half Double Tent

Single travellers have the option to book a "Half Double Room/Half Double Tent".

Half double rooms for bookings 60 days prior to departure can only be booked, if at that time a same-gender customer is also waiting for a roommate. If this is not the case, we will book a single room with the regular, advertised surcharge.

  • 8 overnights in shared double rooms
  • 2 overnights in double tent
  • 2 overnights in multi persons tent, refuges, etc. (multi bed rooms)
Single Room/Single Tent

Single rooms cannot always be guaranteed though booked. If a previously confirmed single room is not available, the guest is entitled to a refund of the price paid for those nights surcharge.

  • 8 overnights in single room (depending on demand and room availability)
  • 3 overnights in single tent
  • 1 overnight is only available in multi persons tent

Single room supplement + 40,- Euro/night (8 nights x 40,- Euro = 320,- Euro)

Single tent supplement for the whole stay 75,- Euro


Airport Barcelona
  • Collective group transfer at 5:30 p.m., meeting point at the airport is in Terminal T1 in front of the Café TRAMOYA at the Group Meeting Point North located opposite from the "Oficina de Turisme" (after customs on the right).
  • Please Note! If you arrive at Terminal T2 all five minutes a free shuttle bus brings you to Terminal T1!
  • Please book your flight on the day of departure from 2:30 p.m. onwards!

If the arranged transfer times do not fit with your arrival and departure times, we would be happy to organize a taxi for you (240-350,- Euro from Barcelona, depending on the trail start/end points). Other arrival and departure destinations provided on request.

Please Note: The transfer times can vary depending on flight arrival times/delays from other guests/traffic etc. Please be patient in these cases!

Due to the large distance between trail starting point and ending point, arrival with own car directly to the starting point is not possible. We would be happy to help with the booking of a parking place for your car near to the Airport of Barcelona.

Transfers & Caterings

Guaranteed departure

With a small group surcharge in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. (only on demand)

Important notice

Important notice to all customers!

All trail itineraries are general guidelines and in order to offer our customers the best riding holiday experience we make occasional changes.

Depending on the number of concurrent trails, the season, the weather and national holidays, we may make alterations to itineraries at short-notice, which could affect the number of riding hours per day, the route we take to any given destination or the use of alternative accommodation. Trails can also be ridden in both directions. All changes are at our discretion but when changes are made, we endeavour to ensure that our high standards of quality are maintained and reflected in the alternatives we choose.

Presentation, organization, photos and information by Rudi Stolz


Rideable Months

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  • 7
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  • 9
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  • 11
  • 12


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Guest opinions

Andorra Trail

July 2023

First of all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unique holiday that ended a few days ago. With you, Rudi took us to some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We felt the power, ability and joy of the horses to carry us to the highest peaks (real athletes!!!) and we felt the extraordinary organisation behind this choreography, taking care of us and spoiling us. We always felt safe and absolutely trustworthy on this probably most challenging trail ride. Now once again: Thank you so much for this amazing adventure! I would love to join you sometime!

Warm regards,

Tina H.

Andorra Trail

August 2020

For one week I'm back now from the 14-day Andorra-Trail: An unforgettable, great riding tour, which can hardly be topped - and I've already done many beautiful riding tours! The fascinating, unbelievably beautiful mountain scenery, which became more and more impressive from day to day, the siesta and overnight places selected with a lot of feeling for the special, the unbelievably efficient, spirited, sure-footed and motivated, nevertheless calm, super trained and always well manageable horses - I could list still more, what makes this tour so unique. It is surely THE tour for everyone who is looking for the extraordinary, who loves nature, the mountains and a little bit of adventure, who is willing to take the strain, who has endurance and is not only safe on the horse but also good on foot. A big thank you to Rudi, to Anais and Nacho, to Daniela in the background, to all the horses and to all the participants who all contributed to the success of the tour! It will probably not be my last tour with Panorama-Trails!

Barbara S.

Andorra Trail

July 2020

This is not a holiday, this is an experience of what you and a horse are capable of! Partly extremely early getting up (once at 4:30 am). Up to 9 hours in the saddle or on steep descents leading the horse. Finally enough exercise, and this on extremely willing, never tired, beautiful horses in demanding terrain. In addition, a totally careful guide who really thinks of everything (even a pleasant siesta and romance), who organizes with love for detail and stays cool even in case of unforeseen events (washed away trail, torn saddle bag). And with Anais and Nacho, he has two capable helpers with always good humour at his side. Guys, in Corona times you can't do anything better for yourself and your immune system than to be happy on the back of these great horses far away from this madness. Many thanks to you all: Rudi, Anais, Nacho, the always approachable Daniela in the background and of course my power package Feriol. Of course, your somewhat uncontrolled craving to eat when I was not in the saddle was due to the necesary energy supply. Therefore, Feriol, excuse me if I was a bit rough with you sometimes.


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

August 2018

This trail far exceeded my expectations! I cannot imagine a better holiday: adventure, experiencing nature, relaxation, team work and many hours in the saddle, made this trail ride a unique experience for me! Rudi’s horses are fantastic! They use their power, skill and endurance in an intelligent way to manage the challenging route through the Pyrenees. I could trust my horse Calderín right from the beginning. He knew his task very well, was clearly experienced and he was fully motivated – just like the other horses. Without hesitation, he climbed the steep and stony paths and crossed streams, always paying attention to where he would put his hooves. Between the sweaty ascents, again and again, there was always time for a fast trot or canter, which we enjoyed. While descending we would lead the horses to give them a bit of a break on the steep slopes. This was also a welcome change for us!

Rudi guided us safely through the beautiful mountain world of the Pyrenees. He knows the area like the back of his hand, and thanks to his long-time experience he was always very relaxed. He showed us patiently how to tack and “load” up the horses correctly. The equipment that the horses carried for us has been developed by him especially for these trail rides. All of it is meticulously thought through and designed with care so that nothing can go wrong. Whenever we needed assistance, Nacho and Dani were there to help. Their service is a huge asset to the tour. They master the material logistics with a smile on their faces, and they are responsible for the perfect put up and pack away of the camps on a daily basis, as well as the kitchen! We were culinarily spoiled with wonderful food and no one could escape the charm of the rustic Catalan accommodation.

I would like to thank the whole Panorama-Trails team for their efforts. With enthusiasm, I can recommend the Andorra Trail to all experienced, fit and adventurous riders.


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2018

A big thank you to the Panorama-Trails Team! This was my second ride with Panorama-Trails, and it was just as wonderful – a unique tour, superb organization, despite difficult terrains and magnificent experiences with the horses. I was especially impressed with how much thought and care went into the trails (beautiful flowers at lunch/dinner and candles for a cosy atmosphere in the evening). In the beginning when planning the trip, Daniela replied perfectly to all of my questions. The trail assistants Dani and Nacho were always there when help was needed, and they were happy to fulfil special requests (such as a hot tea pot in the evening ;-)).

Our guide Rudi took excellent care of all of us, and he always had a good hint or some advice if something would not work for us straight away. Due to the weather, we had to change a day of the trail, but this was not a problem (neither for the horses, nor for the riders). In my opinion, the horses were handled very well: everything is relaxed, with tranquillity and understanding. You can also see this when it comes to the temper and character of the horses. I fell in love with Oriol in a short time. Maybe not next year – but I will definitely return soon!


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

August 2017

This was my fourth trip with Panorama trails. And again I was satisfied about everything!

This time I did the Transpirinaica/Andorra trail. From the first contact (with Daniela) untill the drop-off the last day.......everything is so well organised!!!

This trail has so much to offer. The scenery keeps changing day by day......even hour by hour. As usual the food during lunch and diner was delicious, thank you Dani (you are the best)!!!! Again I was so happy with my lovely, forward and strong horse. The horses are looked after really fantastic, even after 11 days of riding, I didn't notice any fatigue with the horses at all!!!! The fact that I already spent 4 holidays with this company......says enough!

Rudi (and the whole team!!!), thank you again for this great experience! I'll be back ;-)

Bregje W

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2017

I did the Andorra trip with Panorama-Trails. 12 days on a horse back right into the Pyrenees. The horse was great, the views, the food, the accommodations; everything was amazing. Certainly not a trip for beginners. And after 12 days you are as strong as your horse!


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2017

The Andorra Trail was my seventh ride at Panorama-trails. And as for all other trails it was very well organized and headed by the boss himself, Rudi. We were 8 riders from four contries where all were fluent in English. The horses we got were very strong and fit for the length of the trail and demanding terrain. Expect a lot of climbing and walking downhills by foot. You must have an independent seat and be able to handle your horse under all conditions. This trail is not for beginners. Bring good boots that has a good grip. Boots for riding arenas are simply not fit for this trail.

The trail will take you deep into the Pyrenees and there will be a LOT to see! This trail is the longest on Europe and most demanding. But I will promise you an experience of a lifetime, there is nothing like it. Rudi is a very experienced rider and guide and the trail is thoroughly planned in all details.

I would like to thank Rudi for his excellent guidance, Daniela for responding to all my questions ahead of the ride, Danny & co. for their excellent salads and cooking and setting up the camp and paddocs, and Jose for always being friendly and helpful when picking us up at the airport.

Look for a riding adventure of your life? Dont hestitate, sign up for the Andorra Trail! :-)


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2017

Andorra Trail - best experience of my life!

If you love to ride horses and have a spirit of adventure then you have to do this trail, from the coast to Andorra at 2600 meters, 350 km in 11 days. It´s a challenging trip, lots of walking down steep hills, 8 hours riding every day, weather going from 35 degrees to zero and snow. We had plenty of fast gallops on the superbly fit horses, rode through magical mountain scenery, slept in rural hotels, mountain refuges, tents and even in a church! Rudi, the owner of Panorama Trails, guides the trail and has an amazing knowledge of the route, taking you up and down over 13000 meters of altitude, over mountain passes, through woods and fields, along tracks and tiny paths.

En-route we stopped at some amazing picnic sites, swam in lakes and rivers and camped in wild and beautiful places. At each stop the wonderful Dani, our support driver, was there to meet us with the campsite all set up, paddocks and food ready for the horses and a very welcome cold beer for us. The food and wine was quite outstanding, much of it cooked on camping stoves and often eaten in a mountain refuge in front of a roaring fire. Every day was completely different, each more wonderful than the one before. Our last night was unsupported camping at 2400 meters in Andorra, everything carried by the horses who are amazingly strong and never get tired.

This is my second time with Panorama Trails and they are the very best, superbly well organised, lovely friendly, efficient and helpful people and above all it´s such good fun. The only problem was trying to come to terms with real life after the trail was over.

If you want the experience of a lifetime then go, you won´t regret it

Sarah B.

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

September 2016

This was my seventh trail with Panorama-Trails and the biggest adventure yet. I had thought about doing this trail over the last couple of years and decided to take the plunge. I’m so glad I did!

Everything you read on this guest review page is correct. This trail has the lot: great riding on truly exceptional horses, stunning scenery, wonderful food, and a highly-expert trail guide in Rudi. All so perfectly organised that it runs like clockwork. (In truth all of Rudi’s trails have these qualities, but on the more ambitious Andorra trail they are magnified).

A special mention goes to Danny, Nacho and Albert, the support team who worked so very hard to prepare the camps and the superb food and drink at the end of a long day’s ride. Thanks to them the shepherds’ huts where we ate dinner were a clean and cosy sanctuary. As for the delightful chapel, it must have taken them hours to light all those candles! Still it made for a romantic atmosphere: two members of our group were unofficially married in that chapel! But that’s another story!

A bonus was a stay at the hotel and restaurant run by David, the amiable chef who prepares the food on the Gourmet Trail. Of course the food there was truly excellent. Thank you, David!

This trail is tough but rewarding and absolutely worth the effort. So do what I did – take the plunge!


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

September 2016

This ride is right up there with the Namib Desert trail as one of the best trail rides in the world. Quite simply if you enjoy trail riding; well mannered, hard fit horses; a small group of experienced riders; flawless organisation; magnificient scenery; changing terrain; challenging riding; a knowledgeable and entertaining guide; good food; and you don't mind roughing it a bit, then you must do this ride.

You will have an unforgetable experience.

Philip Leighton

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

August 2016

Since I was a youngster on my grandfather’s farm in Louisiana, I’ve imagined myself on horseback in the wild countryside, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the excitement and wonder that we experienced on this challenging riding trek. We were captivated by the Catalan culture and awed by the majestic forests and mountain landscapes that unfolded each day. The horses on this ride were extremely fit and always seemed to enjoy their work as much as their quiet time at the end of the day.

Rudy and his staff provided us just enough personal attention to boost our confidence and reward the very long days in the saddle. Throughout the 11 day ride, our group was constantly monitored and coached to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for both horse and rider. Rudy and Danny went out of their way to provide us a fun and worry-free holiday environment, comfortable accommodations and generous supplies of delicious food and wine at every picnic stop and camp site; for that we are truly grateful.

Salute, survivors!

Brigitte and Larry Golson

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2016

Even four days after returning home, my thoughts are still up in the mountains. I spent two amazing, exhausting and intense weeks with Rudi, his strong and sure-footed horses and people who started out being foreigners and became friends (you cannot go through what we have experienced without relying on each other). The trail is tough and Rudi will tell you every night that it is going to be a very long day tomorrow so you will need a very good breakfast. But be assured that it is all worth it since Rudi did an amazing job choosing the route and the camping sites. I have witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and impressive landscapes that kept changing! Every night we were welcomed either in a lovely hostel or a camp that was already prepared perfectly, there was always a cold beer waiting for us. Imagine you arrive at the camp after a long day and you find an old chapel, all over decorated with candles, and a three-course menu almost ready. Even in tough situations Rudi (aka MacGyver) stayed absolutely calm and handled everything admirably well. This might have been my first trail with him but not my last one for sure!

Laura Mundt

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

September 2015

A brilliant ride with superbly fit horses and the best food ever eaten (where's the cookbook?). Some of the most spectacular scenery we have ever ridden through. And a guide (Rudi) who provided speed and adventure with safety and organisation second to none, combined with moments of hilarity and fun. I can't speak highly enough of this ride. Rudi cares for his horses to the highest standard and is proud of their abilities to climb up and down mountains and gallop along tracks in the most sure-footed way. Definitely a 10/10 ride!

Joanna Ince

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2015

Falling asleep under a star covered sky to the sound of copper bells chiming in the distance, waking up when the first fingers of dawn light caress your face.......some of the many magical experiences you'll encounter on this trip.

Being an avid "adventure trail rider" the minute I heard about the Andorra Trail I was certain it was for me.......and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!!!
It's a tough trail with long hours in the saddle, possible early starts, technical riding through mountainous terrain and not forgetting the ever changing weather............but for every challange there is an amazing reward....the opportunity to take a refreshing bath in numerous deserted mountain gorges and lakes, long gallops along mountain trails with the wind in your hair, the sun on your back and the most amazing vista of mountains and valleys surrounding you. This trail is a definite feast for the eyes, the scenery is breath taking and changes every day, such a variety of landscapes I've never experienced on any ride I've done before (this was lucky number 13!!). I remember going to bed every night reflecting on the amazing day we had just experienced, always thinking that it can't get any better, but the next day would always surpass my expectations and leave me awe struck!
The organisation of this trail is faultless, Rudi has it running like a well oiled machine! The food was amazing, as a coeliac I was slightly worried this might pose a problem but I never went hungry and there was an ample supply of coeliac friendly and gluten free food available!! Dany and his team work so hard behind the scenes preparing the food, setting up camp and ensuring everything gets to where its supposed to be and countless other things that I'm sure I've forgotten to mention, but the enormous effort is much valued and very much appreciated!!
Rudi is a great guide, he knows the area so well and he also knows his horses extremely well. I will always remember his infectious good humour and booming laugh, even whilst cantering through a thunderstorm you could never have a "bad" moment!!! We were extremely lucky to have a back up guide with us on this trip, the lovely Ananas, I'm convinced this girl goes to bed smiling and wakes up smiling, such a beautiful energy and an extremely hard worker she was a fantastic addition to our group and there was never a dull moment!!!

I had an absolutely fantastic time on this trip and I would highly recommend it. One piece of advice I will give is to be flexible....depending on weather conditions plans and routes can change.....don't get hung up on the details just go, bask in the beauty, experience, enjoy the journey and look back and think of it as one of the best times of your won't regret it!

Janine Whyte

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2014

"Trans-Pyraneean Trail- Holiday of a lifetime!"
My first trail riding holiday - and I chose the most challenging trail in Europe!
From the moment we were met at the airport (I travelled alone but our group soon got chatting in the minibus!), arrived at our Hotel for the first night and met Rudi, and then met the horses the next day, we were so well looked after.
The horses were extremely fit and well looked after, the care and attention to instructions for tack and grooming, especially on our long and difficult trail, showed me early on that they were undoubtedly Rudi's priority. He made a big effort to match riders to suitable horses- I had underplayed my ability a little as I wasn't sure what to expect, and got a very quiet well behaved gentleman. I actually swopped with another rider part way through as her horse was a little too much for her, and loved Jordan even more! It is important to be honest- these horses are not dull over-worked underfed holiday horses, they are spirited and fit, and feeling their enthusiasm still there on day 10 of a 350km trail is just fantastic!
The particular trail I chose was challenging at times- steep climbs, narrow paths, fast canters, fast flowing rivers and quite a lot of walking down the hills. I loved every minute. From start to finish, the food was fantastic, from gourmet meals to cowboy picnics, all washed down with seemingly unlimited quantities of 'vino tinto'. Our helpers Danny and Nacho worked tirelessly to ensure our camps were ready and our horses cared for after long days on the trail. Being guided by Rudi (assisted by nacho) through the country he clearly loves, spotting Chamois, wild horses, marmots and vulchers is an experience I will never forget.
I would recommend Panorama trails to anyone, especially those travelling alone as the welcome is so friendly and the arrangements are so good. Feel free to contact me for a reference!


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail

July 2013

I think this was my 7th Trail with Rudi ... I was already enthusiastic about Rudi's trails, but this trail has surpassed everything! The combination of great, sure-footed and powerful horses, a great trail guide, the fantastic food and a gigantic nature experience has exceeded all! For any rider who is looking for the combination of sporty riding and the experience of unspoiled nature, this trail is an absolute must! So, once again thanks a lot to Rudi and his team!

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