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Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

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Short Trail Description

The Trail of Outlaws is a border-crossing Catalonia-trail, between France and Spain, from the peaks of the High Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. This 200 km trail leads us to a diverse and wild landscape. It is a challenging ride for experienced trail-riders.


The Catalan Pyrenees along the French-Spanish border used to be the refuge for legendary bands of outlaws, the so-called ‘Trabucaires’.

The ‘Trabuc’ is a firearm with a trumpet-shaped muzzle. It is a dangerous and very effective weapon that was loaded with powder and tiny pieces of iron. Those bandits who were wearing the ‘Trabuc’ were called Trabucaires.


  • 8 Days / 7 Nights / 6 Riding Days


  • 4 - 12 Riders


  • Mountain & Sea
  • Mediterranean Coastal Area

Highlights & Facts

  • Long Catalonia Trail over 200 km
  • Two countries, France and Spain
  • Albera Nature Park
  • Abandoned medieval castle in the dense forest
  • Beach gallop in the bay of Roses
  • Most challenging round Trail of Catalonia

Riding Level

  • 3 horseshoes or more (Intermediate)


Good footwear is very helpful for Catalonia's longest round trip. In the mountains, often we must walk and lead the horses.

Trail Route

Day 1: Border-crossing mountain and coast trail

We start our Catalonia trail in the foreland of the Pyrenees, 150 km north of the capital Barcelona.

When arriving at the horse riding farm, we can rest after our travels. At dinner, we meet our guide who tells us about the horses and the trail.

Day 2: Trail to the Mountains

We get to know our horses and set off. The path soon gets lost in a thick forest. Mind your head! Some branches are pretty low here in the ‘Catalan jungle’.

The foreland of the Pyrenees with its vast extent is a wonderful destination for our trip in the saddle. The trail moves in loops through the hills, circling fields and leading us to lovely villages built of natural stone.

The crossing of a river turns our ride into an adventure!

In a cosy schoolhouse, Clara’s and Jordi’s family await us. They offer us a lovely accommodation with a pool.

Day 3: Garrotxa – the impassable Highland

Mountains of the Garrotxa: The trail changes from rocky and steep to downhill and soft. Next to freshwater is a perfect place for a break. The water runs like silver-coloured fibres, flowing over the marginal flat rocks where we can sit down. We jump in this natural pool. The ‘pool bar’ is open!

We enter a silent mountain landscape. After a steep descent, we reach a medieval village. Our friend and ‘gourmet chef de cuisine’ welcomes us in his little hostel at the river.

Day 4: Catalonia Trail between France and Spain

Durmast oaks and cork oaks determine the vegetation on our ride to the lake. The climb is serene, but we are rewarded at the lake!

Just one more gallop, until we discover the picnic.

Every hoof print brings us closer to France. A rustic path takes us over the border. This pass was used as an escape route both by the outlaws and the Catalan Republicans in the Spanish Civil War in the 19th century. A thick forest of beech trees and chestnuts cover the mountains.

The Hostal de Trabucaires was once a meeting point for the outlaws. Today we stay in this simple but cozy hospice.

Day 5: The Albera Mountains – a transnational natural park

At 2,700 m above sea level, the Canigo massif is the highest point in the North. The peak of Canigo is considered sacred in Catalonia.

With the calming sound of the horses’ hooves, we pass the Albera Mountains and return to Spain. Between mountains and valleys covered with woods, a powerful castle rises from inside the natural park. Even today the former use of the castle remains a mystery. Mesmerised we feel as if we are in the land of knights while we have lunch in a rustic restaurant.

At the foot of the Albera mountains, the lowlands of the Emporda open up. From the African-like grasslands, we glance to impressive rocks of sandstone until we catch sight of the Mediterranean coast with its shiny, blue water.

After a very long riding day, our horses look forward to their delicious food.

Day 6: The Emporda – lowlands between Mountains and Sea

With our horses, we trek through a landscape of grasslands. Later, large estates and rich medieval villages built of natural stone are waiting for us. Goods originating here were often stolen during transportation to France by the Trabucaires in the 19th century.

Further south, we get to a wetland. With a jaunty gallop through the paddy fields, we reach the coast. We find cosy accommodation for the night at the country house of Anna and Miguel close to the sea, as well as ‘good Catalan cuisine’.

Day 7: Trail riding on the beach! (*)

We just can’t get up early enough today to go to the beach on horseback. With the first rays of sunlight we get to the sea. The surf crashes on the fine sandy beach and we let our horses fall into a wonderful gallop. Miles of sandy beach are ahead of us!

The back country awaits us with a lovely landscape of hills and fields. Impressive ‘Castillos’ and villages of natural stone line our path back to the horse riding farm, the starting point of our journey.

Day 8: Adéu France and Catalonia

After breakfast, our stay in Catalonia comes to an end – but the memories of this adventurous trail will stay in our minds for a long time!

Transfer to Barcelona or Girona.

> Important notice to all customers!

Information & Services


Exhausting but beautiful: The 'Trail of Outlaws' is very challenging for horse and rider! In 6 days you ride 200 km, of which 50% is in the mountains and 50% in the lowlands and on the beach. On all 6 riding days, 5-6 hours in the saddle are the minimum. On one day, you will even be in the saddle for 8 hours. Nature lovers and experienced riders are likely to be enthusiastic about this trail. To make this trail a real pleasure for you, you should be experienced with horses in open country and feel absolutely safe at all paces. A natural handling with the horses is necessary on this trail. In the Garrotxa Mountains and the Albera natural park, we have to dismount and lead the horses at points where the route is particularly challenging. You don't need to have a head for heights, but you should definitely feel safe being in the mountains and wear proper shoes for riding and walking.

Included services

  • Riding program as described
  • 8 days with 7 nights in a double room with shower and toilet, of which 1-3 nights' accommodation may be with a shared shower and toilet, 6 riding days
  • Arrival day dinner included/departure day breakfast included
  • 6 Riding days half board including wine
  • Tax on stays in tourist establishments
  • Transportation of luggage
  • Local transfers during the trail

Not included services

  • Flight or public transport (on arrival and on departure), taxi
  • Collective airport transfer from/to Girona/Barcelona
  • Restaurant & Catering services during the ride: payable locally at the first dinner
  • Entrance fees to Museums and Monuments
  • Drinks/food in bars
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Coffee at dinner
  • Tips for the team and other services
Transfers & Caterings


  • First day: on arrival dinner is at approx. 9 p.m.
  • Last day: before departure breakfast is at approx. 9 a.m.
  • Due to local conditions, a route change or amendment may be necessary.
  • The Trabucaires Outlaw Trail can be ridden in both directions.
  • The tour operator reserves the right to substitute the described accommodations by equivalent if necessary.


Single Room / Double Room / "Half Double Room"

Single rooms cannot always be guaranteed though booked. If a previously confirmed single room is not available, the guest is entitled to a refund of the price paid for those nights surcharge.

Single travellers have the option to book a "Half Double Room".

Half double rooms for bookings 60 days prior to departure can only be booked, if at that time a same-gender customer is also waiting for a roommate. If this is not the case, we will book a single room with the regular, advertised surcharge.

  • Single room supplement + 40,- Euro/night


Airport Barcelona
  • Collective group transfer at 5:30 p.m., meeting point at the airport is in Terminal T1 in front of the Café TRAMOYA at the Group Meeting Point North located opposite from the "Oficina de Turisme" (after customs on the right).
  • Please Note! If you arrive at Terminal T2 all five minutes a free shuttle bus brings you to Terminal T1!
  • Please book your flight on the day of departure from 2:30 p.m. onwards!

Airport Girona
  • Collective group transfer at 6:30 p.m. The meeting point at the airport is in front of Café LAVAZZA in the arrivals hall.
  • Please book your flight on the day of departure from 1:00 p.m. onwards!

If the arranged transfer times do not fit with your arrival and departure times, we would be happy to organize a taxi for you (about €80-€120 from Girona, €240-€280 from Barcelona, depending on the trail start/end points). Other arrival and departure destinations provided on request.

Please Note: The transfer times can vary depending on flight arrival times/delays from other guests/traffic etc. Please be patient in these cases!

Transfers & Caterings

Guaranteed departure

With a small group surcharge in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. (only on demand)

Important notice

Important notice to all customers!

All trail itineraries are general guidelines and in order to offer our customers the best riding holiday experience we make occasional changes.

Depending on the number of concurrent trails, the season, the weather and national holidays, we may make alterations to itineraries at short-notice, which could affect the number of riding hours per day, the route we take to any given destination or the use of alternative accommodation. Trails can also be ridden in both directions. All changes are at our discretion but when changes are made, we endeavour to ensure that our high standards of quality are maintained and reflected in the alternatives we choose.

(*) It is specified in the Coastal Law (Law 22/1988, of 28 July) and the regulations surrounding it (Royal Decree 1471/1989, of 1 December), that excursions operated in places of maritime public domain should not be for profit. We would like to advise that we do not charge for riding on any beach and therefore that part of any ride is free of charge.

Presentation, organization, photos and information by Rudi Stolz


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Guest opinions

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

October 2019

Just a quick word of thanks for another world-class riding holiday. We really enjoyed ourselves, but more importantly Panorama’s fine mountain horses, especially Zorro. Please give our best to Nacho for leading our ride and also let Rudy know we missed seeing him!

Take care,

Larry & Brigitte

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

April 2019

I had a fantastic time on my excursion. Very well organized...The meals, accommodations, Rudy, Manel, Corinna - with whom we got to ride with on our last day, ??, were super. Even my horse Zorro, who had his moments, was sweet. Not sure when I’ll make it back to that side of the world but if and when I do, I’ll definitely come back for a ride ??


Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

April 2019

Another great holiday, this time on the Outlaw Trail! After loving the Bandit Trail last October, rode the Outlaw Trail this month with friends and Nacho as our guide again. Great scenery, brilliant fast horses (Zorro) and lovely picnics and food along the way with the help of Met. The Trail involves long days in the saddle, but well worth it. Indeed, this is not a trip for inexperienced riders and for those without horsemanship skills, but this is what sets this holiday apart. Looking to book my next ride with Panorama Trails next year or in winter.

A Guest

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

October 2018

I went on this trail ride with a friend and just wanted to say thank you (!!!??). It was an exceptionally wonderful experience. Everything was perfectly organised and executed (with great attention to detail ...). We noticed straight away that Rudi had everything under control and you could trust him, his team and the excellent horses!

Fantastic landscapes, classic accommodation, a great guide, fast canters and long trots. At the end there was also the unique experience of cantering along the beach - it was all incredibly beautiful!

Thank you for this dream vacation!

Ines Wenzel

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

November 2017

The Trail of Outlaws "Trabucaires" is the perfect mix of mountains, riding through deep forests and cantering among the fields of Catalonia with your new-found four-legged best friend. Every day we got to see something new. Late October/early November was a great time for this trip. I truly recommend this trail to anyone who wants to make memories of a life-time!

The food and wine were amazing, especially at lunch time. I day-dream about the Catalan cuisine... The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and the riding is varied, quite fast and challenging at times but always safe and enjoyable! Perfect for the experienced rider who wants an active holiday (=me). The horses are fit, energetic, amazing at their job and very well looked after.

It is impossible to write a review about this trail without mentioning our guide Nacho. Without a doubt one of the greatest horsemen I have ever met, always funny, compassionate and ready to tell a crazy story. You can see his love for horses shine through all the time. He has a great ability to match rider and horse, with the best for both in mind! Thanks for all the laughters, the unforgettable memories and for making me a better rider!

If you are thinking about doing a trail with Panorama Trails, stop thinking and just book it! I guarantee that you will not regret it, I am already thinking about when I can go back. Thank you so much Rudi, Nacho, Daniela and everyone else at Panorama Trails, you make dreams come true!!

Erika O.

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

October 2014

"Fourth Holiday Ride With Panorama Trails - Bravo!"
Giddy-Up! This was my fourth trip with Panorama Trails in five years. The ride I joined this time was called the Trabucaires Outlaw Trail which winds through the mountains, takes you into France and then finishes with a gallop on the beach. This particular ride required long hours in the, which I enjoyed though. I enjoy traveling with Panorama because I always know they're going to take care of me. I only need to make my way to Barcelona and they'll take care of the rest. For me, that is a true luxury. The food is always superb and the wine and cava free flowing!

Dustchin R.

Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

April 2014

A wonderful week! Carefully selected, very sturdy, sure-footed horses that are easy to ride. Very good typical accommodation with a delicious and very varied menu. Delicious picnics in beautiful rustic places. The ride offers very varied landscapes: Plateaus and the Pyrenees with snow-capped mountains. Then through the planes towards the Mediterranean Sea. The tack is very well maintained and the horses are well looked after during the trail. Thanks Rudi and Anais - and hopefully see you again soon!


Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail

April 2014

A Spectacular and beautiful trail to stimulate all the senses - beautiful blooming landscapes, an extremely varied trail with rugged mountains and endless meadows with blossoming fruit trees and the overwhelming scent of lavender and blooming canola fields. We stayed in extremely tasteful and lovingly furnished guest houses with super nice hosts and delicious home cooking. Perfect organization by Rudi and his very friendly team who always surprised us with very delicious and welcoming picnics...

A Spectacular and beautiful trail to stimulate all the senses - beautiful blooming landscapes, an extremely varied trail with rugged mountains and endless meadows with blossoming fruit trees and the overwhelming scent of lavender and blooming canola fields. We stayed in extremely tasteful and lovingly furnished guest houses with super nice hosts and delicious home cooking. Perfect organization by Rudi and his very friendly team who always surprised us with very delicious and welcoming picnics. The horses are incredibly hardy, sure-footed and extremely well educated. What I recommend if you want to ride this spectacular trail, is to get fit and make sure you are in good riding condition! Then you can take home the amazing impressions of Catalonia which you will certainly never forget! Thanks again to Rudi and his team :-)


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