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Hidalgo Panorama-Trails Edition

Trail Riding Saddle


We have shared our expertise in the area of professional trail riding with the renowned Austrian company HIDALGO Sattel. Based on our requirements, in close collaboration, we have created the saddle “Hidalgo Panorama-Trails Edition“. The saddle tree which allows it to adapt to the horse´s back. In addition, the saddle has especially soft upholstered pads, and a wide spinal canal so it fits on 90% of our trail horses. The form of the saddle also enables free movement of the shoulder, it is very comfortable for both horse and rider. Due to the three-point buckling system, it is possible to change the position of the girth to avoid sores on the horse during longer rides. The saddle is hand made from high-quality Bavarian leather and the straps are made from chromed leather. All of the fitting components are made of stainless steel. The Hidalgo Panorama-Trails Edition is durable and resistant, and even with frequent use, you will be able to enjoy your saddle for many years to come!

Horse Type

  • This saddle fits 90% of our trail horses


  • M

Delivery Time

  • On request

Highlights & Facts

  • Handmade from high-quality Bavarian leather
  • Flexible saddle tree made from glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Three-point buckling
  • Facilitates shoulder movement
  • Fitting components made of stainless steel


To be optimally equipped for your next long ride, the Saddle Bag Panorama-Trails as well as the Saddle Pad Panorama-Trails go very well with this saddle.
2.960 €
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