Horse tack

At Panorama Trails you sit comfortably in the saddle! We ride on high quality trail saddles, specially made for long distance riding in walk, trot and canter! In cooperation with the saddler ‘Hidalgo’ we’ve developed the perfect trail saddle that is very comfortable for horse and rider and safe for the rider too. The requirements for a top quality trail saddle are extremely high. We spend many wonderful riding hours covering 80,000 kilometres a year and this is made possible by using the best materials for our comfortably fitting saddles.

Our saddle cloths are also self-produced and hand made with the best materials, such as medical "anti-pressure sore fleece" which offers ideal conditions for our horses’ backs.

During the trails each rider is provided with a hand crafted saddlebag, which is also made to our specification based on our trail riding experience.

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