Equestrian Qualifications

All our programmes are suitable for riders with a reasonable level of fitness, although some of our mountain trails cover more challenging terrain and are more physically demanding than our other trails. Our guests don't need to be experienced distance riders, but they should be able to handle a horse in walk, trot and canter and should be confident in the saddle as well as leading their horse on foot (please see Trail Descriptions for specific details).

The Catalonia Centre Based Rides are especially suitable for families and riders who are new to trail riding. The "La Pasion" Gourmet Coast Trail and the Catalan Coast & Spanish Horses are aimed at pleasure riders. The more ambitious riders will enjoy the Mediterranean Trail, the Ride & Beach Trail and the Catalonia Coast & Beach - Dalí Trail, which are ridden at a faster pace. For nature lovers and sporty riders, the Paths of the Herdsmen Trail, the Bandit Trail, the Fresh & Saltwater Trail, the Wild Coast Pirates Trail and the Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail present a unique challenge. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Andorra Trail - "Beach to Beach" outdoor Trail(from the Mediterranean coast to Andorra) is a unique challenge. You can ride your personalized adventure on our self-guided Discoverer Trails and the Panorama Trail.

Riding levels

1 Horseshoe

Beginner: Is "fresh" in the saddle, has little experience (for example, has had at least 3 months regular riding lessons).

2 Horseshoes

Novice Rider: Is familiar with at all basic aids. Does not shy away from being on a well-trained horse in walk, trot and easy canter on short routes on the trail. Rides primarily in the paddock.

3 Horseshoes

Intermediate Rider: Safe on a well-trained horse at all paces - including a long rising trot and canter. Equestrian experience also in open country. Fitness and experience make several hours in the saddle possible.

4 Horseshoes

Experienced Rider: Confident and relaxed on horseback, rides regularly and is fit. Has a good seat and soft hands and is capable of handling a spirited horse at canter in open country. May own/share a horse or have previously owned/shared a horse and will be happy with long gallops. Can lead a horse even in difficult terrain.

Horse Riding Experience

For many years riders from all over the world have spent their riding holidays with us in Spain. To really enjoy your riding holiday you should be reasonably fit and confident in the saddle at all paces and be able to lead your horse on foot. In Spain/Catalonia, Panorama Trails is known as the horse riding holiday specialist for experienced riders.


We strongly recommend baggage insurance (e.g. against damage or loss) plus accident, recovery, repatriation and liability insurance. A valid health insurance in the European Union, which includes horse riding accidents, is a prerequisite for participation in our programs.

In Catalonia/Spain sufficient health insurance cover is required by law for riding and you will be asked to provide proof of cover. To participate in any of our programs we require valid international health insurance. All members of the European Union are automatically covered, but you will need to obtain the European health insurance card. Please discuss this with your insurance company.

If you have private health insurance it must be valid for the European countries.

All guests whose residence is outside the European Union must provide a globally valid health insurance.

Horse Riding on the Catalonian beach

On the beach we walk, trot and canter. While cantering along the water’s edge your clothes may get wet, especially when the waves are higher. For the beach ride we therefore recommend riding in waterproof boots or quick drying shoes with chaps.

Horse Riding in the Pyrenees mountains

Also in the mountains we ride at a fast pace. On flat trail terrain we can trot and canter. Directly in the mountains, we adapt the pace depending on the soil conditions.

Our Andalusian horses are experts at climbing and are absolutely sure-footed in difficult areas. In some steep areas you might have to lead your horse downhill, so please bring hiking boots and half chaps.

Min./Max. Number for Catalonia Horse Riding

4/12 riders: We ride in small groups. If you are travelling alone it is not a problem! Most of our guests are single travellers and meet with like-minded people on the riding holiday. You can choose to sleep in a single room or share a double room with another rider.

Horse Riding Time in the saddle

During your horse riding holiday, you spend between three and seven hours in the saddle. At lunchtime there is a delicious picnic and you have time to relax and have a siesta after eating.

Equipment for Catalonia Horse Riding Vacations

Riding boots, comfortable hiking boots with tread, mini-chaps or long chaps, riding helmet/hat, water bottle, sun cream, riding and outdoor clothing (rain jacket and trousers), and don’t forget your swimsuit! (Please see our 'Packing List' for a fuller list of items).

Rider's weight

Guests who weigh over 90 kg (14 stones/200 lbs) should have excellent balance and be willing to walk with their horse over more difficult terrain to ease his workload. Please check with us first if you weigh more than this.

Young riders for Catalonia Horse Riding

Accompanied by an adult, teenagers with an age from 12 years on can join our horse riding holidays. The youth should have good riding skills. Prior agreement must be obtained from Panorama Trails.

Anyone over 16 years of age can join our horse riding holidays without being accompanied by an adult. The youth should have good riding skills. Prior agreement must be obtained from Panorama Trails. Approval from the parent or legal guardian must be provided.

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