Panorama Trails agrees, within reasonable limits, to provide the agreed services, accurate trail descriptions, the careful selection and scrutiny of service providers and the complete delivery of the overall services.

It is pointed out explicitly that horse riding is a high risk activity. The participation in all activities is at the rider’s own risk. Panorama Trails and its tour guides do not accept liability for any accident or injury to any persons or for any damage to pieces of riding/sports equipment. The participant is responsible for insuring themselves against all occurring risks. We strongly recommend baggage insurance (e.g. against damage or loss) plus accident, illness, recovery, repatriation and liability insurance. The wearing of a safety helmet is mandatory for all horse riding holidays. Panorama Trails reserves the right to exclude participants who disregard the wearing of a safety helmet. With regards to the impact of weather conditions and the personal ability of the participant, Panorama Trails cannot guarantee that any trail will be carried out exactly as it is described in the program. At the time of planning, the routes of the trails were based on the current road traffic regulations. Panorama Trails can not be held liable for any later changes to these regulations.

Panorama-Trails liability for the loss or damage to baggage will be limited to twice the total cost of the holiday. With regards to the services of third parties (e.g. hotels), Panorama Trails only acts as a broker and does not accept liability for the quality and supply of their services. Panorama Trails do not accept responsibility for cancellation of any trail due to adverse weather conditions and will not offer compensation under these circumstances. If included in the trail description, Panorama-Trails offers a baggage transfer and, in exceptional cases, passenger transport in the escort vehicle (max. 2 people). Special transfers due to any person being unable to ride with the group are at the expense of the participant. If the number of participants is not achieved, Panorama-Trails reserves the right to combine any trails without prior notice.