If the minimum participant number is not reached, Panorama-Trails can cancel the trail up to 14 days before the trail starts. All payments by the participant will be refunded. If there are important organisational or personal reasons, Panorama-Trails can cancel or discontinue a trail at any time. In that case the participant will receive a refund for any services not provided less cancellation costs. Other claims excluded. If the participant is not fit enough for the trail or it has been judged that his/her skills or health are not suitable for the requirements of the trail, Panorama-Trails can withdraw from the contract without notice. If the participant does not pay in time or is disturbing the performance of the trail, despite warning, he/she can be excluded from the trail at any time without entitlement to damages. The participant is then responsible for their own travel home. Panorama-Trails reserve the right to keep the full cost of the trail.