Active Riding Holidays

Finally, the time has come. The beach canter is approaching! The sea splashes high up under the hooves of our spirited Andalusians, with their long manes flowing in the wind. This is ultimate joy on earth! You ride with us through the beautiful landscape of Catalonia with its pretty villages, rivers, lakes and mountains. Experienced riders will satisfy their craving for adventure here!

Pure Horseback Riding in Spain... A diverse all-round trail through the north-eastern part of Spain, crossing green hilly landscapes and mountains to the beaches of the Mediterranean (we ride between 4 and 7 hours per day, and on 2 days we ride along the beach). Medieval towns, accommodation in comfortable rustic stone houses and family-run farms and hotels.

The pirates trail is a spectacular ride along the coast which combines steep cliffs, hidden coves, and lovely beaches in an unforgettable top-class riding experience. Every day this marvellous trail leads us through the sensational Mediterranean landscape along the Costa Brava.


The gilded age of piracy along the Costa Brava was between the 14th and 17th centuries. One of the most notorious pirates was Barbarossa Khair ad Din (red beard), a Turkish pirate. Along the wild coast he attacked small seaside villages, stole spices, wine, and ceramics, and ran an oppressive slave trade. To forewarn against pirate attacks forts and Moorish towers were built along the coast.

Traditional piracy is surely part of the past, but this beautiful trail ride allows us to discover the wild coast on horseback.

Our "coastal trail ride by the sea" is a paradise for sportive riders, who like to combine adventurous riding through pristine nature with relaxing hours on fine sandy beaches and in lonely coves.

Refreshing trail along crystal clear streams of the Pyrenees and lakes to the Mediterranean Sea. Swimming with horses on the trail and riding through the Mediterranean mountains and plateau to the sea. We stop for a beautiful bathe every day!

The Trail of Outlaws is a border-crossing Catalonia-trail, between France and Spain, from the peaks of the High Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. This 200 km trail leads us to a diverse and wild landscape. It is a challenging ride for experienced trail-riders.


The Catalan Pyrenees along the French-Spanish border used to be the refuge for legendary bands of outlaws, the so-called ‘Trabucaires’.

The ‘Trabuc’ is a firearm with a trumpet-shaped muzzle. It is a dangerous and very effective weapon that was loaded with powder and tiny pieces of iron. Those bandits who were wearing the ‘Trabuc’ were called Trabucaires.

Give yourself a short break, away from your daily routine. On these short midweek and weekend programs you can let your spirit roam free and discover beautiful Catalonia on horseback. Also a perfect way to get a taste for trail riding.

The Costa Brava ride to the Wild Coast makes the dream of cantering by the sea come true! On our Spanish horses, we ride through the marvellous hinterland of Catalonia to the sea.

Horse riding, beach and sea! Pure nature awaits you on this diverse trail to historical villages, through pine forests and over peaceful coastal mountains to the beaches of Spain's Costa Brava. Look forward to two days of riding on the beach and swimming in the sea! Enjoy the sight of romantic stone built houses in villages dating back to the Middle-Ages. Spend relaxing evenings in outstanding accommodation: comfortable houses built of sandstone, family-run farms and hotels that offer you exactly what you need after an adventurous day.
A Spanish beach ride weekend at the Costa Brava! We ride across the beautiful hinterland of the Costa Brava down to the Mediterranean Sea. The Spain Beach Ride Weekend is suitable for experienced riders who are confident in the saddle at all gaits. The highlight of this trail is the gallop on the beach.
Relaxed Riding Holidays

Get away from the stress of everyday life and step into the harmony of calm riding holidays! On these selected trails, let our proud Spanish horses carry you comfortably from one highlight to another, including picturesque bays, fascinating nature parks and wine tasting. You stay in a delightful hotel with a wellness centre, in cosy country houses or at the stately Andalusian stud farm.

This trail leads you to the sandy beaches, bays and mountains of the Catalonian coast. The highlight is staying overnight in one of the oldest P.R.E. horse studs in Catalonia. A gallop on the beach, vast and diverse landscapes, visiting wine cellars (including a wine and a cava tasting), comfortable and luxurious accommodation and the delicious Catalan cuisine ensure an unforgettable horse riding holiday.

The Catalonian Coast & Spanish Horses – Summer Trail is a pleasing trail ride for trail lovers who want to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Costa Brava, but with relaxed riding days.

On well-selected paths we ride to the Cap de Creus, the easternmost point of Spain. Like a karstic dorsal fin the Pyrenees sink into the sea. Fantastic views over the sea, hidden bays for swimming, a visit and overnight stay at the oldest Andalusian stud (P.R.E. – Pura Raza Española) in Catalonia, a wine tasting at an organic vinery, and probably the most beautiful fishing villages on the Costa Brava, such as Cadaques and Port de la Selva, transform this summer trail into a pleasure trail for ambitious riders.

Pleasurable riding at the highest level – riding and gourmet, Andalusian horse stud and the coast of Catalonia!

Tempting and delicious! This Gourmet Coast Trail spoils the rider in two ways as it provides pure pleasure for your palate and your soul! Spanish horses, gourmet food and wellness treats: experience Catalonia with all your senses! Have you ever slept door to door with the most precious horses of an award-winning Andalusian horse stud? Do you enjoy the spicy taste of goat's cheese or paella with fresh seafood and vegetables? Served with delicious wines from vines that are hundreds of years old?

Dive into the variety of Catalonia's culinary world. Whether typical tapas, regional fish or meat, homemade olive oil or a selection of fruits - let yourself be enchanted by our gourmet cook David and his exceptional cuisine! Enjoy the different regional wines with your meal - you will surely love Garnaxa and Cariñena!

Allow yourself some relief after adventurous days with beach gallops. Let your muscles relax with a relieving massage. Horse riding, wellness treats and gourmet cuisine at its best: This is what makes your riding holiday in Spain so special!

Exciting horse riding by the sea, from the Gulf of Roses to the Cap de Creus. Following the tracks of the artist Salvador Dalí along the Mediterranean coast.

The Dalí Beach and Coast Trail is based on the so-called Dalí triangle that consists of the villages Pubol, Figueres and Cadaques. The Dalí Beach and Coast Trail connects the charm of the Empordanet region with the long sandy beaches of the Bay of Roses and the wild coast of the Cap de Creus. The life of the famous artist Salvador Dalí will be brought closer to you by this wonderful ride through diverse countryside.

Discover beautiful Catalonia on horseback.

This ride is ideal for guests who do not want to pack their bags every day, but still want to experience the joy of a diverse trail.

The price-enjoyment ratio of this offer is hard to beat!

Pyrenean Trail Riding

On ancient shepherd’s and raider’s paths, we ride through breath-taking landscapes of rich nature. With stunning panoramic views, the Andorra Trail will take you through three countries in 13 days, from the coast to the mystical Pyrenees. A perfect adventure with steady riding - this is the most demanding trail ride in Europe. A pure delight for experienced and athletic riders!

Exciting horse riding trail from the Mediterranean Costa Brava to the alpine mountain peaks of the Pyrenees!

Nowadays herdsmen still pass along the so called "Camino Real" through the north-eastern part of Catalonia. In winter, the herds stay in the mild coastal areas and in summer they make their way up towards the Pyrenees. Round polished, soft, high mountain hills build a contrast to the wild and bizarre rock formations of the Garrotxa mountains. The Mediterranean Costa Brava, deep forests and meadows of the alpine mountains determine the landscape. This diverse trail through quiet and remote herdsmen's land is an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure for sporty and ambitious horse riders.

Pyrenees riding tour: canyons, table mountains and volcanoes

The horse riding adventure "Trail of Bandits" is based on the biography of the famous "bandolero" Joan Sala Serrallonga, the Catalonian Robin Hood. In north-east Spain, the bandit Serrallonga wandered around the mountains of Guilleries and Garrotxa during the 17th century. The vast pathless area of woodland offered good hiding places to outlaws. Canyons, table mountains and volcanoes rise up in this wild landscape. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls provide pleasant refreshment. In the picturesque villages, there are still stories told about the gangs of thieves and the Catalan rebels. Today we find an incredible riding paradise where outlaws once hid. The trail of bandits is an extremely diversified horse riding trek through massive canyons, table mountains and volcanoes.

Andorra, France, Spain – 3 countries in 11 days – along a 350 km trail the Andorra Trails offers probably the most challenging horse riding adventure in Europe. This outdoor packed trip goes from the Mediterranean coast to the central Pyrenees. It is an impressive trip for adventurous nature enthusiasts. You will sleep out in the wild for 7 out of 12 nights. It is not only the longest trail we offer, but at the same time one of the toughest trail rides worldwide. An altitude difference of 11,000 metres is covered during the trip – a number that is hard to beat on horseback!

Special trail rides

A once in a lifetime opportunity to be a true discoverer. We offer you and a riding friend to ride on your own with a map and GPS. The highlight of our "Self-Guided Trails" is the Panorama Trail - a spectacular riding tour through rugged canyons, majestic table mountains and volcanoes. You can book this horse riding holiday in the summer or in the winter sun and it’s possible to ride on the beach or just by the sea!

The mild climate in winter offers us optimum riding conditions in the evergreen Catalonia. Our Evergreen Trail takes you through one of the most versatile regions of southern Europe and promises plenty of variety, geographically and climatically. The lonely Wild Coast, the beautiful hinterland of the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean Pyrenees open up unlimited horseback riding and are waiting to be discovered.

In Catalonia, various "microclimates" determine the weather patterns in the winter. Therefore, a degree of flexibility is very important on this trail. We react spontaneously and ride with the best climate in the most beautiful riding areas in Catalonia. The medieval village of Besalú, a charming country inn and the beach near the fishing village of Sant Pere de Pescador are our base points. Our accommodation offers a welcoming and typical local atmosphere.

On this trip, everything is possible. The following options are available:

  • Mediterranean Pyrenees
  • Garrotxa Mountains
  • Wild Coast - Cliff and Sand Dunes
  • Beach Ride through the Winter Waves
  • Pearls of Empordà

Do it your way – a self-navigated trail with map and GPS. Ride your very personal adventure as you discover an unknown Catalonia on horseback. On these un-escorted rides, you are your own guide! This is as individual as it can be, as only you decide the pace. Come with your partner or a friend or experience the remarkable mountains of Catalonia on your own.

Do it your way - self-guided trail riding with a map and compass! Experience your very own adventure, as you discover Catalonia on horseback on your own! On this trail you are your own guide! This is as individual as it can be, as it is you who decides what kind of adventure you have. Come with your partner or a friend and enjoy the feeling of capturing a foreign land with your horse independently. Orient yourself in an admirably variable landscape, enjoy the views and relax in total tranquillity.

To make sure that you can definitely enjoy your personal adventure, we organise the logistics; accommodation for you and the horses is organized by us - as well as food for you and the horses.

Of course, someone who wants to explore foreign lands on horseback needs to have adequate experience in the saddle and the right materials. The first you bring with you, the second we provide: you will get saddle bags, maps and an orientation guide, our "Trail Book"!

Do it your way – unguided trail ride with map and GPS. Go on your own personal self-guided riding tour by discovering an unknown Catalonia on horseback. On this demanding Panorama Trail, you are your own guide! This is as individual as it can be, as only you decide the pace. Come with your partner or a friend and experience the feeling of capturing the terrific mountains of Catalonia – just you and your horses. Get acquainted with the wonderfully diverse landscape and enjoy great panoramas in absolute tranquility. Luminous mixed forests, volcanos and majestic table mountains determine this fantastic Panorama Trail!

As we want you to fully enjoy self-guided riding tour, we support you with the logistics; carriage of your luggage, delicious food, and cosy lodgings. For your four-legged companions, we organize stables and meadows with appropriate food. All "horse hotels" are very close to your own accommodation.

If you want to discover these fascinating mountains, of course you need to be well-prepared: with very good riding skills and the right materials.

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