Fresh & Saltwater - Mountain & Sea Trail - August 2017

Words are difficult to find to describe the week I just spent. I came solo, which made me a bit nervous, but I came with an open mind ready for a new adventure. This trip was AMAZING, one of those experiences that stays under your skin a for a very long time. It is food for the soul, heart and mind. The horses are INCREDIBLE, the views are breathtaking, the rides are like no other and then there is a person who makes the trip unforgettable : NACHO! He has a gift with people and horses and he is a gift for anyone who gets the chance to meet him. He is one of those people you don't forget and that leaves a trace.... You feel incredibly safe with him and his knowledge makes you let go of everything & trust him.. He brings you to another level of yourself. The way he is with horses is as special as he is. His passion is contagious, his devotion is beautiful to watch and if you have the chance to have him as your guide, you will be inspired ! He makes beautiful picnics, he makes y ou laugh like crazy and he made this entire trip as unique as he is. You will have so much fun!!! Gracias Nacho chip por ser como eres y por llevarnos en tu mundo con tanta magia. Thank you Manel for your hard work, kindness and beautiful picnics. If you're thinking twice about doing this, don't, just go for it and close that gap! ;-) Shine

Sinead Shannon-Roche

Fresh & Saltwater - Mountain & Sea Trail - August 2017

I had a wonderful time during my Fresh- and Saltwater Trip with Nacho and learned lots about horses, riding and myself! A big THANK YOU to amazing Nacho, Manel and the whole team who made it possible! Your smiles and kindness were amazing! And a big thank you to Masnou who carried me safely over rocky terrain. I will come back for sure :) Muchas gracias!

Anna Tauc

Unguided Panorama Trail - July 2017

Self-guided ride so good it can’t be described with words! My boyfriend and I did the self-guided panorama trail in July 2017 but haven’t written a review before now because it is so hard (impossible) to put into words how amazing and incredible this adventure was! Before heading out for the first day of riding we got a thorough walkthrough of everything we needed to know. Because we were so well treated/informed by Panorama Trails both before and during the trip, we never had any problems along the trip. The horses (Rayo and Senegal) were beyond amazing. They really took care of us and were so calm, yet forward going and motivated, through the entire ride. It felt like they enjoyed this adventure as much as we did, which made it really nice. They are high quality horses who are really well taken care of. The GPS worked perfectly and we never got lost using it. Sometimes we would wonder if this is really the path to go as it could be very steep, but the wonderful horses climbed it without problems and we were in awe each time. The landscape along the ride was too incredible to describe, and as were the villages we visited and stayed in. We are visiting Catalonia again this year and have to visit some of the places again because they were so magical. I don’t want to spoil too much. The atmosphere of the ride, horses, accommodation, etc. just cannot be described. It was also such a special feeling to complete the ride on our own, through a foreign country on new horses. My boyfriend and I talk about this adventure nearly daily, still one year later, and we probably will never stop talking about it. Of course, it requires good knowledge about horses and riding, as well as a general fitness level, to complete, but if you are considering doing this ride, you should DEFINITELY do it!!! We never felt unsafe once during the ride, thanks to the horses and follow up from the team at Panorama Trails. Thank you for an amazing adventure!

Vibeke and André

"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail - July 2017

I did the Andorra trip with Panorama-Trails. 12 days on a horse back right into the Pyrenees. The horse was great, the views, the food, the accommodations; everything was amazing. Certainly not a trip for beginners. And after 12 days you are as strong as your horse!


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail - July 2017

The Andorra Trail was my seventh ride at Panorama-trails. And as for all other trails it was very well organized and headed by the boss himself, Rudi. We were 8 riders from four contries where all were fluent in English. The horses we got were very strong and fit for the length of the trail and demanding terrain. Expect a lot of climbing and walking downhills by foot. You must have an independent seat and be able to handle your horse under all conditions. This trail is not for beginners. Bring good boots that has a good grip. Boots for riding arenas are simply not fit for this trail.

The trail will take you deep into the Pyrenees and there will be a LOT to see! This trail is the longest on Europe and most demanding. But I will promise you an experience of a lifetime, there is nothing like it. Rudi is a very experienced rider and guide and the trail is thoroughly planned in all details.

I would like to thank Rudi for his excellent guidance, Daniela for responding to all my questions ahead of the ride, Danny & co. for their excellent salads and cooking and setting up the camp and paddocs, and Jose for always being friendly and helpful when picking us up at the airport.

Look for a riding adventure of your life? Dont hestitate, sign up for the Andorra Trail! :-)