Mediterranean Trail - November 2018

This was my 10th trail with Panorama-Trails, and as always, I've fallen in love with my horse, a snow-white Andalusian gelding - forward going, but easy to handle :)

Our accommodation was nice, and the weather was pretty good too considering it was November! We could even ride in t-shirts for a while!! As expected, the food was amazing: the picnics at lunch time as well as the 3-course meals in the evenings. Of course, it went down well with a glass of wine, or two... :) As always, it was a fantastic week. Thank you very much to the whole team, especially to our trail guide Corinna and to my horse Feriol!!!

Warm regards,


Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail - October 2018

I went on this trail ride with a friend and just wanted to say thank you (!!!😁👍). It was an exceptionally wonderful experience. Everything was perfectly organised and executed (with great attention to detail ...). We noticed straight away that Rudi had everything under control and you could trust him, his team and the excellent horses!

Fantastic landscapes, classic accommodation, a great guide, fast canters and long trots. At the end there was also the unique experience of cantering along the beach - it was all incredibly beautiful!

Thank you for this dream vacation!

Ines Wenzel

Mediterranean Trail - September 2018

A beautiful and unforgettable holiday!!! First class in every way!

Our high expectations were exceeded by far for our first long-awaited trail riding holiday. Everything was very well and lovingly organized. Rudi and his team are just great!

We felt very safe on our picturesque route through beautiful Catalonia with our trail guide Corinna and she treated us with warmth and humor and acted with great competency. Also to be noted was the care for the horses, which was evident from the start. Valent and Bandolero, our horses for the week, were great! Balanced, uncomplicated and both so lovable in their own way that we would have liked to put them in our suitcase! :) We felt totally safe on them and enjoyed every day.

The trail itself, in our opinion, was very suitable as an introduction to trail riding in all its facets, as there is a bit of everything on the trails: river crossings, forests, fields, mountainous terrain, quaint Spanish villages, beach and sea. We loved when our guide said "Vamos Galoppe! - the trail was often very fast, which was a lot of fun and added variety.

We were well catered for during the breaks, whilst the horses got a rest and something to eat. So, we both continued well-nourished to carry on further into our adventure. In the evenings we stayed at beautiful and cosy accommodation and enjoyed the delicious local food (and wine). Each guesthouse we stayed at had its own authentic and rustic charm.

Our group was great too. We were a sociable, funny group and we all felt very close. It was difficult to say farewell to the other riders, as well as to the horses, after this eventful and beautiful week.

We would like to thank Panorama-Trails for this wonderful adventure that we were able to experience, and we can say “we will definitely be back”!

Best regards,

Mareile and Lena

Paths of Herdsmen Trail - September 2018

Best trail ever ...... makes me soooo happy! Dinamico is safety, awesome and fast .... love him ✨! Thanks Nacho, Manel and the whole team .... Greetings från sweden


"Beach to Beach" - Andorra Trail - August 2018

This trail far exceeded my expectations! I cannot imagine a better holiday: adventure, experiencing nature, relaxation, team work and many hours in the saddle, made this trail ride a unique experience for me! Rudi’s horses are fantastic! They use their power, skill and endurance in an intelligent way to manage the challenging route through the Pyrenees. I could trust my horse Calderín right from the beginning. He knew his task very well, was clearly experienced and he was fully motivated – just like the other horses. Without hesitation, he climbed the steep and stony paths and crossed streams, always paying attention to where he would put his hooves. Between the sweaty ascents, again and again, there was always time for a fast trot or canter, which we enjoyed. While descending we would lead the horses to give them a bit of a break on the steep slopes. This was also a welcome change for us!

Rudi guided us safely through the beautiful mountain world of the Pyrenees. He knows the area like the back of his hand, and thanks to his long-time experience he was always very relaxed. He showed us patiently how to tack and “load” up the horses correctly. The equipment that the horses carried for us has been developed by him especially for these trail rides. All of it is meticulously thought through and designed with care so that nothing can go wrong. Whenever we needed assistance, Nacho and Dani were there to help. Their service is a huge asset to the tour. They master the material logistics with a smile on their faces, and they are responsible for the perfect put up and pack away of the camps on a daily basis, as well as the kitchen! We were culinarily spoiled with wonderful food and no one could escape the charm of the rustic Catalan accommodation.

I would like to thank the whole Panorama-Trails team for their efforts. With enthusiasm, I can recommend the Andorra Trail to all experienced, fit and adventurous riders.