Mediterranean Trail - March 2019

Thank you very much for this unforgettable week !!! :-) I can only agree with Anne's last review. She found the right words for a wonderful, exciting and sporty week. Just everything has been fine and I will possibly go for a second trail in September or certainly next year.

Sunny greetings,


Beach Ride Weekend - March 2019

We have really enjoyed this short but good weekend riding holiday with you! Beautiful area, good horses, helpful and friendly, hospitality expert guides, nice food & wine! A warm weekend break for our Viking blood 😉 All the best and we hope to be back! 😊

A guest

Mediterranean Trail - March 2019

THANK YOU for this unforgettable, great experience. This was my first ride with Panorama-Trails, but already on the journey back home it was clear that it was not my last. Nacho, our guide, led our group and the horses with such devotion and so much heart and soul !! We felt safe thanks to him and the great horses at all time. Already on the first day my horse Caspar and I were a team. I could trust him with every step and rely on him. You can feel that the horses are very important for the organization and the guides. They are optimally cared for and treated and do an outstanding job day after day. In fact, the whole trail was perfectly organized. From the first email contact with Daniela to the hoof scraper.

The transfer from the airport worked out perfectly, the accommodations were all cozy, clean and welcoming, the horses a absolute dream, Nacho just superb and the picnics of Manel and Carlos made with a lot of contagious joy. They were not responsible for the weather, but it was perfect for March. One day we even rode in a T-shirt, at the others the sun was shining and one morning it was raining, which gave the whole thing even more adventure and yes, absolutely fun. The Spanish wine for lunch and dinner was also a highlight. After the horses were taken care of, we treated ourselves to a beer in a cozy round, talked about the wonderful day and listened eagerly to the exciting stories of Nacho. Again a big thank you to ALL for these unforgettable 6 days and best wishes to the team.


Mediterranean Trail - November 2018

This was my 10th trail with Panorama-Trails, and as always, I've fallen in love with my horse, a snow-white Andalusian gelding - forward going, but easy to handle :)

Our accommodation was nice, and the weather was pretty good too considering it was November! We could even ride in t-shirts for a while!! As expected, the food was amazing: the picnics at lunch time as well as the 3-course meals in the evenings. Of course, it went down well with a glass of wine, or two... :) As always, it was a fantastic week. Thank you very much to the whole team, especially to our trail guide Corinna and to my horse Feriol!!!

Warm regards,


Mountain & Coast Outlaw Trail - October 2018

I went on this trail ride with a friend and just wanted to say thank you (!!!😁👍). It was an exceptionally wonderful experience. Everything was perfectly organised and executed (with great attention to detail ...). We noticed straight away that Rudi had everything under control and you could trust him, his team and the excellent horses!

Fantastic landscapes, classic accommodation, a great guide, fast canters and long trots. At the end there was also the unique experience of cantering along the beach - it was all incredibly beautiful!

Thank you for this dream vacation!

Ines Wenzel