Half day ride - July 2020

I went with my two daughters on a 2-hour riding tour with Corinna. We are experienced riders and we had a lot of fun! Corinna guided us through beautiful landscapes, and the horses were just amazing! We are already looking forward to the next trip!

A Guest

Half day ride - July 2020

Fantastic experience! I rode for the first time to make my girlfriend happy, who is very fond of horses and riding. In the beginning I was sceptical, because I have a lot of respect for horses, due to their size. However, this soon turned out to be nonsensical, as one of the guides, Corinna, has a very talented hand for the selection and the harmony between horse and human. My friend and I felt incredibly comfortable with the assigned horses and had a lot of fun. It was incredibly relaxing and a wonderful experience. I personally, as a non proactive "horse person", got through this wonderful experience, a completely different view to these animals. In addition, it was an unforgettable experience, which I would like to repeat very much. Due to the distance between the horses / the riders, it was not necessary to wear a mask in relation to Corona and we could enjoy the experience to the full. The other riders who rode with us, were very friendly, likeable and humorous! I can strongly recommend Panorama-Trails to anyone who wants to feel like a cowboy! Thank you very much for the nice evening!

Ben Conrads

Andorra Trail - July 2020

This is not a holiday, this is an experience of what you and a horse are capable of! Partly extremely early getting up (once at 4:30 am). Up to 9 hours in the saddle or on steep descents leading the horse. Finally enough exercise, and this on extremely willing, never tired, beautiful horses in demanding terrain. In addition, a totally careful guide who really thinks of everything (even a pleasant siesta and romance), who organizes with love for detail and stays cool even in case of unforeseen events (washed away trail, torn saddle bag). And with Anais and Nacho, he has two capable helpers with always good humour at his side. Guys, in Corona times you can't do anything better for yourself and your immune system than to be happy on the back of these great horses far away from this madness. Many thanks to you all: Rudi, Anais, Nacho, the always approachable Daniela in the background and of course my power package Feriol. Of course, your somewhat uncontrolled craving to eat when I was not in the saddle was due to the necesary energy supply. Therefore, Feriol, excuse me if I was a bit rough with you sometimes.


Mediterranea Trail - February 2020

We were on the Mediterranea Trail in February 2020 and since then we are looking forward to the next tour with Panorama-Trails. With Corinna and Louis we had two very friendly, always good-humoured and competent guides, who also had challenging situations well under control. We had great luck with our group. We became a very harmonious group and could enjoy this wonderful trail together to the full. The excellent picnic and dinner contributed to this as well as the lovingly selected, partly rustic Catalan accommodations. The trail itself is very varied and leads along riverbanks, sea beaches, forests, meadows and through typical Catalonian villages. Our horses have fitted very well to us, are well maintained and can fell that they are loved and well cared. We would like to thank the whole team for organizing and carrying out this beautiful trail. Also a big thank you to the other participants, who made this tour a unique and interesting experience. And last but not least thanks to the spring sun, which already spoiled us in February. We will come back with pleasure!


Mediterranea Trail - February 2020

Don't miss this! For me it was the first trail of several days and I can only say: I enjoyed every minute. Our two guides not only had the right feeling for which horses would suit which riders, they also masterfully organized the catering, led us through beautiful landscapes and also provided good entertainment and a great atmosphere during the breaks. So it became one of those journeys from which strangers become friends. Dear Panorama Trails team, keep up the good work. I am already looking forward to seeing you again.

T.G. Weiser

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